Let’s Get Healthy!

The purpose of this blog is to encourage my readers to get healthy!

This has nothing to do with “how to become as skinny as a stick”, but more of, how to better your life with better foods, incorporate more exercises into your life,  and tips on how to live a happy life.

We’re all very busy people so the tips I provide you are going to be easy and very doable with anyone’s schedule/lifestyle!

I would say this is more for people who don’t favor working out/don’t consider themselves to be work-out-obsessed-people, that means I’m talking to you beginners! But of course, everyone could always use some extra advice so it can appeal to people of all sorts.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me! The advice I will be giving is advice that has worked for me and/or ideas that I’ve gotten from some people that I believe in! All advice given will result in nothing but a healthier and happier you if you choose to take my advice! I promise you, you won’t be sorry and that you’ll see results fast if you stick to this blog!

As for me? I am a woman of curves. I have a somewhat athletic build and that’s due to my love of working out/staying active. I eat somewhat healthy, but I definitely have moments where junk food gets the best of me (and that’s okay!).

Basically—we’re all in this together! Nothing but motivation will be provided on my end! Of course, y’all will be my motivation to stick with my own advice.

I hope you will enjoy this blog, as this will be a great experience for all of us!

-Chanel T.

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