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History attacks by Ansar Bait Al-Maqdis.

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the Ansar Bait Al-Maqids is responsible of many terrorist attack this past four year. at the beginning, their main purpose is to attack Israel and free Jerusalem as far as ABM concerned. however, they have shifted their purpose and most of their attacks especially nowadays against the Egyptian military and police.

There are many attacks and booming ABM is responsible for. first, The group has bombed many pipelines that carry gas from Egypt to Israel as well as the mounted an attack in Isreal troops in 2012. ABM is also responsible of attacking  on a military intelligence building in Ismailia. Mohamed Mabrouk, a security officer involved in the trial against Muhammed Morsi, was shot dead in front of his home by members of ABM in Nasr city on November 17,2013.  On January 31 2014, a rocket was launched from the Sinai Peninsula aimed at Eilat. also, The group took responsibility for an attack on a police checkpoint in Beni Suef which caused 5 deaths. in late January 2014, booms were launched in Cairo. ABM is responsible of many attacks in Sinia and killed many soldiers and police officers. this group is also responsible of booming a tourist bus that killed four people, including three Korean tourists and an Egyptian bus driver. they have threatened the tourists to leave egytion, and the made the extreme message to stop the tourist from coming into Egypt.

it is obvious that ABM is focusing on  three main approaches. Attacking the Egyptian military is  their first approach because they are the main obstacle for ABM. Second, they have boomed many pipelines that carry gas from Egypt to Israel in order to be an economic obstacle between Egypt and Israel. moreover, weakening the economy in Egypt by trying to threat tourism, which is one of them main sources of income in Egypt.

Ansar Bayt Al-Maqdis Swears Allegiance To ISIS A Week After Denying Links

Many recent news and news articles speak about the unity between the two terrorist groups, Ansar Bait Al-Maqdis and ISIS. last week ABM dined the fact that they swear allegiance with ISIS.  however, this week they have released a voice clip on twitter account claiming to be ABM’s official account. 

the speaker in the 9 minute voice clip says, at the beginning, the speaker recited verses from the Quran and the prophet Mohammed peace be upon him sayings that give the them permission for jihad. he also added that the Muslims have suffered and now is the time to stand up and fight against the enemy. Then he spoke about their situation with Israel, their main target as they claim. he asked the people of Egypt to join their group as well as all Muslims and to vote for Al-Bagdadi, ISIS leader, as a main caliph. Moreover, he talked about unity and all jihadi groups must join the the Islamic State. at the end, he swear that the Ansar Bayt Al-maqdis joined the Islamic state.

in the way report talks, he is trying to influence all Muslims to join ISIS and if not, the Muslims will go against the commandment of god because they believe Al-Baghdadi is the chosen one.   all the verses from the Quran that the speaker used is out of context as well as the sayings of the prophet. It is easy to fool uneducated Muslims with this type of language, as well as educated Muslims might fall into the same trap. even the language that the speaker used and ideology is 14 hundred years back. the only hope within the Muslims is to get educated and understand the situation more in order to prevent the Muslims and all Arabs in general to fly 14 hundred years back.



information and understanding Ansar Bait Al-Maqdis


Ansar bait Al-Maqdis is group typically operates in North Sinai. it is believed that this group is in charge of many terrorist attacks. nowadays, they mainly fight against the Egyptian military, officers, and police. Also, Ansar Bait Al-Maqdis directed many attacks against Isreal.  The definition of Ansar Bait Al-Maqdis is Supporters of the Holy House, Supporters of Jerusalem, or Champions of Jerusalem. Many members of this group were members in a jihadi groups before, and their militants are fully trained. the purpose of this blog to provide brief description of Ansar Bait Al-Maqdis’ back ground, leadership,  and ideologies in order to understand more about the Ansar Bait Al-Maqdis groups.

Ansar bait al-Maqdis is well advanced group in term of military power. They own advanced weaponry, including man-portable air-defense systems, rocket-propelled grenades, and Grad rockets. According to intelligence reports, the group is thought to have around 1,000members, and many of whom served another jihadi group in the past such as Tawhid wal-Jihad and the Mujahideen Shura Council (MSC) in the Environs of Jerusalem.

Egyption officials have suggested that Ahmed Salam Mabruk has played a leadership role. Ahmad Salam Mabruk has long history in terms of violent extremism militant across the region. Mabruk has strong ties to Ayman al-Zawahiri and Al-Qaeda.  He faced charges related to his activity with al-Gama’a al-Islamiya, one of Egypt’s most active extremist groups in the 1990s, and he was released in 2012. The Egyptian military claim that they have killed two of their leaders Ibrahim Mohamed Farag Abu Eita and   Shadi Meneai. However, Ansar Bait al-Maqdis has dines his death as well as his leadership of the Ansar Bait Al-Maqdis.

Ansar Bait Al-Maqdis focus was targeting Israel. However, after the removal of the previous president Muhammed Morsi, ABM has shifted action towered the Egyptian government due to the war against Islam, and blocking the boarders between Egypt crossing with Gaza, which was closed after a deadly attack on policemen.

It seems that the Egyptian military are lacking of information about the ABM. Recent news shows that ABM is supporting the Islamic state in Iraq and Sham. However, the ABM members have dined this sort of information. Also, the Egyptian army claims that they have killed Shadi Meneai, who they believe is one of the leaders of ABM. However, ABM dines that Shadi Meneai is killed as well as they dine that Meneai is one of the leaders. The question we must think about, why ABM dines that they join ISIS, and why they dine Meneai’s leadership and death.  If this information is true, the most important question is why they are dining it. Moreover, if this information is false, who came up with these sorts of information.

Ansar Beit Al-Maqdis denies pledging allegiance to ISIS

the media  have announced the joining of militants groups Ansar Beit Al-Maqdis and Isis.  it is claimed that the ABM was pledging loyalty to the Islamic State in Iraq and the Sham. However, the members and leaders of ABM denying the statement. they said that the media must be accurate with their sources and stick with ABM official announcement.  According to Zack Gold, an adjunct fellow focusing on Middle East policy at the American Security Project, claim that this is not the first time we hear that ABM supports ISIS. also, he claim that many ABM members are fighting alongside with Isis.   Alleged statement swearing allegiance to the Islamic State in the Arabic language is unclear with no terms and conditions. it says only the ABM agrees on choosing Abu Bakar Al-Baghdadi as a khaif, a leader of Islam.

ABM controlling part of the Sinai peninsula, have caused many deaths between them and the Egyptian army fighting in the Sinai peninsula, and other terrorist acts. even though the ABM approaches is similar to ISIS.however, ABM is still refusing and denying the announcement. ISIS would gain a great support if they get the formal allegiance with ABM as well as ABM would. 


In stark transformation, Egyptian rights activist dies fighting for the Islamic State

This article was posted in diigo about Ahmed al-Darawi who died in the battlefield recently fighter for the Islamist jihadist. Ahmed al-Darawi, an Egyptian citizen,  was an idealistic participant during the uprising, he morphed from a prominent rights activist into a die-hard fighter for the Islamic State. many of his friends and colleagues were shocked when they heard the news. Researchers who study jihadist groups online believe he had a twitter account. one of his twittes  was” How sweet life is between the Quran and my Kalashnikov,”

This is clearly not the only one issue. many Muslims in the world especially from Europe went to support ISIS and other groups claiming that this is the massage of the Quran and the ways of the prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. therefore, we need to understand what is the massage of the Quran that turns people into jihadist. the Quran is divided into two sections. the first section is Makkiah chapter, which the verses and chapter were reveled in the city of Makkah. these chapter mainly discuss how a person live under a unjust state, country, or community, such as Syria. all of the solutions are aproach peacefully, or flee of there is no other option. none of these chapters mention the word jihad, holy war, or fight in order to build a new state.

Second is the Madania chapters, Chapters and verses reveled in the city of Madinah. prophet Muhammad was selected through Mubaia, an old form of voting, by the people of al-Madina to be their leader. tribes and leaders of Makkah were not satisfied when the Muslims built their own state and because many of tribes around the gulf supported the prophet Muhammad. therefore, the economy of the tribes of makkah sturrgled at that time. the tribes of mekkah had to fight against the Islamic state in al-madina. therefore, the Madnia chapters discuss the need for law and to defend the state and protect the people, and must not harm anyone unless they attack the Islamic state. however, Muslims nowadays use the Madania chapter in the quran in order to give them the excuses to fight.


every Muslims dream to live under true Islamic state based on the Quranic laws because it gives equal rights to people, freedom of choice, freedom of speech, voting, and it gather all religions, and focus own the common between other cultures, believes, etc and leave the differences. However, with the interpretation of Isis and other militants group makes the dream almost impossible to reach. Unfortunately, many people like Ahmed al-Darawi    went to fight to establish the dream with people who do not understand what the true dream is.

Jihadis book cruise ships to join extremists in Syria
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a recent article news discuss that fighters  joining the militants  groups in Syria and Iraq from different parts of the world and especially Europeans. the fighters face difficulties to reaching their destination due to the heavy security in their airport. however, taking a cruises is the option for the fighters to join the militants. Turkey, which shares borders with Iraq and Syria, has been a transit point for militants trying to get to Iraq and Syria. the international police claim that they are trying to expand their screening systems to make sure cruise ships, hotels, etc. is safe. turkey is also involved with this situation. the article says that turkey has been a transit point for militants trying to get to Iraq and Syria. chief Ronald Noble spoke in the general assembly this week confirming that Turkey is involved. also, he did not mention any other involving countries.

it seems that the situation is not clearly clarified. at the beginning of the article, the fighters are mainly from European countries. also, all of the fingers are pointing at turkey only. what makes the situation even more mysterious is that the Chief Ronald declined to identify other targets.

looking at this situation from realist point of view. it is inexcusable act from Turkey and other counties that are helping the fighters to reach their destination. these types of acts hurt the sovereignty of a country.  because maintaining security is one of the most important approaches to  the realist point of view. there is a high chance that the realist with respond strongly specifically the fighters then the countries who support them.