Muslim Brotherhood and Women’s Rights

The Muslim Brotherhood’s belief that Women’s rights would result in the destruction of Egyptian Society. The brotherhood disagreed with the statements made in the UN Declaration regarding women’s rights. Such concerns included the potential access women would have to travel, work, money, and contraception without the approval of their husbands. The U.N. Commission of the Status of Women seeks to improve the lives of women. The conflict that exist between women’s rights/freedoms are restricted by the religious beliefs of the Muslim Brotherhood. The USAID also seeks to provide support for women in Egypt as a means of improving their lives. I think this aspect of my research paints the Muslim Brotherhood in a different light compared to my readings of BAS and it’s efforts to improve Egypt. My research up until this point has been centered on the Muslim Brotherhood and as of now it appears that the Brotherhood is likely to have a say regarding the arts. As an art education major, I am curious about their opinions regarding the arts including literature.

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