The Muslim Brotherhood Ban

I was unaware of the Muslim Brotherhood and I found that the article titled: Egyptian Court Bans The Muslim Brotherhood : The Two-Way : NPR defined the history of the brotherhood. The ban of the brotherhood was established near the revising of a new constitution. One of the larger fears is that the group would lead to a nation enforcing the practices of Islam. The fear is rooted in a desire to establish and practice the freedom of religion and press. The ban on the brotherhood correlated with the timing of the new election of a president and a revising of a constitution.

What’s Next For Egypt After Sisi’s Win? : NPR

The story discusses the election of Abdel-Fattah el-Sisi following the forced removal of Morsi whom was a leader of the Muslim Brotherhood.  The Muslim Brotherhood still banned from being recognized as an organization establishes the contradiction of the elections being “genuinely democratic.” Once again the distribution of power presents a concern for the non-government organization. The underlying theme of freedom of speech as well as of religion are presented once again.

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