Journalists and the Brotherhood/Background

What is the Muslim Brotherhood? – The original foundation of the brotherhood was based on the idea of “liberating them from foreign imperialism” as well as forming “unification” as a nation. Issues presented with the brotherhood include: a “poor economic stability or growth, increased crime, and assaults on women.” The issues involving the economy and the people, appears to be correlated with growing rates of crimes being committed. The types of crimes associated with Morsi’s  in this article includes the sexual assaults on women.  The protection of women or action implemented to deal with such problems were not addressed. In this way the economy, and the issues of crime were among the two prominent issue that lead to Morsi’s removal.


Egypt Targets Journalists In Crackdown On Muslim Brotherhood : NPR

The article mentions the imprisonment of journalist in Egypt, who were believed to be members of the Muslim Brotherhood. The article also mentions how Egypt is among the “top jailers of journalist” who were believed to be publicizing accounts in Egypt that could potentially alter/taint their image in the media outside of Egypt. The number of journalist imprisoned are associated with the spreading of ideas that may cause violence, crime, or a shift in the norm. In this article their is concern not only for the Muslim Brotherhood as an organization, but the voice of the members to openly and publicly voice their discontent with the country and it’s leaders.




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