ISIL creating problems in Austria

The first article, Austrian youth flocking to ISIL, has to do with ISIL and the way it has started to created problem in Austria. Approximately, 140 young Austrian have fled to Syria and Iraq to join the fight with ISIL. With these teens moving to the Middle East to join the radical group it has started to create problems back home for Muslims in the country. A new wave of Islamophobia has hit Austria with the up coming events. Many people in the country are seeing this as a “Us vs. Them” like the article stated. The right-wing in Austria are using this when it comes to votes in the country saying things like, “Home instead of Islam”. As well as the right-wing, the Austrian government is now considering several measures in order to keep radicalism out of the country like “increasing border control for minors, laws forbidding the use of symbols associated with ISIL, and the withdrawal of Austrian citizenship for dual nationals.” This article also brings up the fact that Austria is a very polarized society. ┬áThe other article, Austrian teenage girl jihadis ‘want to come home’ from ISIL”, is about the girls from Vienna, Austria who fled to join ISIL in April, news of them has emerged and now they are stating that they want to come home. In April, these girls had left their home and stated “Don’t look for us. We will serve Allah- and we will die for him”, a couple of months passed and there was speculation that one of them had died, but this week news comes out that both of these girls are pregnant and want to come back home to Austria. The problem with is that in Austria is very hard to go back because of the girls being attached to ISIL. The Austrian interior ministry spokesman stated, “Once the leave, it is almost impossible” to come back”. These two article are talking about how Austria is dealing with ISIL and how this radical group that’s very far away from them is affecting the country. With a new wave of Islamophobia as well as the youth fleeing to Syria and Iraq to join the fight. ISIL is affecting the world as a whole and also how people are viewing Islam. This would be a radical perspective in the way Austria wants to control the situation because of the new laws they are trying to implement so this radicalism won’t get to them.

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