The Women of ISIS

My two Diigo bookmarks have to with the women of ISIS. Both of the articles  have  to do with the reasons why women would decide to join ISIS or any  other “violent movements” around the world. The article in Buzzfeed, has to do with how the women of ISIS use social media. In this article we see that the women used social media like tumblr and twitter as a way to spread the word about the cause and use social media as a platform to recruit other women. For example, there are online guides on how to get to ISIS controlled territory. As well as trying to warn women that are interested to be careful  “sisters who are coming dont take your eyes of ur luggage or u’ll never see it again. keep it with u so I don’t have to tell u #itoldyouso“. The other article is from Foreign Affairs and it talks about the reasons why women join ISIS or any other militias around the world. One reason the article talks about is the fact that it’s better to join than to be killed or raped by these groups. Another, reason was because they felt like they can identify with the group and what they are fighting for. This article brings up a very interesting point because it states, ” for women, gender and politics can overlap in ways that they do not for men”, which I find to be true.

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