Week 3

The first article I read this week was, ISIS Kills Iraqi Woman Activist in Mosul. It talked about how ISIS killed a lawyer in front of the public. Samira Salih al-Nuaimi had been posting on Facebook about the religious sites that ISIS had destroyed. After finding out, they seized Samira from her home. She was then tortured for five days and publicly executed. Samira is not the only to be affected by militants. They broke into a females politicians home and killed her and took her husband. There have been several cases where militants kill and abduct women politicians. The second article I read was Egypt’s Trouble with Women. Lotfia El Nadi was the first female pilot in Egypt. She broke free of her fathers rule and followed of her dream of being an aviator. She was and continues to be a role model for young Egyptian women. The fight for equality was an ongoing issue and women followed her example and took flying lessons. Women have always been seen as their husbands property. The revolutions are fighting for equality for women. Both these articles were very interesting. The first article talks about ISIS which is a name that is very popular right now. ISIS has been seen all over the news.

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