The Ba’ath Party in Syria

The Ba’ath Party has been the ruling party in Syria for over forty continuous years. The article The Syrian Constitution: Assad’s Magic Wand, shows how the Ba’ath created constitution makes it impossible for any other party or candidate to come to power in an constitutional way. Uncovering Syria (II): We are All Baathists shows the extent of the Ba’ath Party in Syrian life and how it has played a role in what Syria has become. Both articles are very important in understanding politically the state of Syria and why it has been so difficult to implement changes in the government. With the first article, we see that there are specific amendments that keep the party in control of military, allowed for Bashar to become president at a younger age, and somehow both allow and prevent outside candidates running for presidency. All of this as created a limitless position for Assad; there as basically no constitutional way to remove him from office unless he or the Ba’ath Party agree to appoint a new leader. The second article focuses more on the Ba’ath Party itself. Since its implementation into Syrian government, its ideology and public views have shifted drastically. It began as a pure, respectable party with the central goal of a pan-Arab State – complete with the motto “Unity, Freedom, Socialism”.  This all changed in 1970 when the party opened itself to all Syrians, and became the “Party of power” under the rule of Hafez al-Assad. At this point, known as the Corrective Movement, the once peaceful, pure party turned into the loathed and corrupt group it is today. Furthermore, it is so intertwined in Syrian way of life, children begin learning the ways of the Ba’ath once beginning school. Both authors exemplify radical voices, concerned with the strong hold of the central government, and total lack of concern of the individual Syrian

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