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Welcome, Books & Coffee Sp’14 participants!

Welcome to the spring 2014 semester of the Books & Coffee reading group.  Some of you may be regular group members who join us for the entire semester.  Some of you may plan to attend just one topic or another.  Whoever you are, we hope this site makes it easy to participate in the group and enables you to continue to share ideas and discussion, even after the meeting ends.

Readings are posted through this site, generally as hyperlinks to publicly available articles.  You will always find the next meeting’s readings posted on the “Meetings & Discussions” page.  We may sometimes share PDF files of materials, however, and we will send these to you via email.

Comments can be posted below the days’ readings on the “Meetings & Discussions” page.  Feel free to use this feature either to share your views or to share additional reading materials.

Share relevant articles via Twitter .  Our group Twitter feed (which pulls all Tweets tagged with the hashtag #stedsbc) appears on every page.  If you’re a Twitter user, feel free to share comments or links to articles in this way.  (You can also share comments and links via the comments  feature on each page).

Want a site like this for your own class?  This is called an “Edublogs” site.  Edublogs are flexible WordPress sites, and any St. Edward’s faculty member (full-time or adjunct) can get them for himself or herself.  You can set one up as a personal site or create one for any of your classes. Contact the Faculty Resource Center if you’re interested.

I’m looking forward to lots of energetic conversations with all of you.  And yep, we’ll always have coffee.

Julie Sievers
Director, Center for Teaching Excellence