Spring 14 Readings

Feb 5 | What is it that students ought to learn in college?

Assigned reading

Suggestions for further reading (available upon request from the CTE)

  • Bok, Derek.  “Ch. 8: What to Learn.”  In Higher Education in America. Princeton: Princeton UP, 2013.
  • Cazden, Courtney; Cope, Bill; Fairclough, Norman; Gee, Jim; et al. “A Pedagogy of Multiliteracies: Designing Social Futures.”  Harvard Educational Review 66 (1996): 60-92.
  • Davis, Rebecca Frost.  “Learning Outcomes for a Globally Networked World.”  Rebecca Frost Davis’s blog: Liberal Education in a Networked World. 7 Feb 2013.
  • Dede, Chris.  “Ch. 3: Comparing Frameworks for 21st Century Skills.”  In 21st Century Skills: Rethinking How Students Learn. Bloomington, IN: Solution Tree Press, 2010.


Feb 19 | Teaching quantitative literacy across the curriculum

Assigned Readings

  • The Preface – “Mathematics, Numeracy, and Democracy” (xiii-xx) + Chapter 1:  “The Case for Quantitative Literacy,” (1-22) from Mathematics and Democracy (2001).
  • Wolfe, Joanna.  “Rhetorical Numbers: A Case for Quantitative Writing in the Composition Classroom.”  College Composition and Communication 61 (2010): 434-457.
  • AAC&U VALUE Rubric for Quantitative Literacy

Suggestions for further reading

  • The St. Edward’s Proposal for QL project, as submitted to the NSF in 2012.  (2 pgs).
  • Madison, Bernard & Lynn Steen, eds. Quantitative Literacy: Why Numeracy Matters for Schools and Colleges. National Council on Education and the Disciplines, 2003.


Mar 19 | Teaching global learning: theory and practice

Assigned readings

Suggestions for further reading

  •  Hovland, Kevin.  Shared Futures: Global Learning & Liberal EducationAmerican Association of Colleges & Universities, 2009.  Especially relevant are chapters 2 & 3, which provide concrete examples of how colleges and universities are (and aren’t) enacting global learning in their curricula.
  • Anderson, Chad and David Blair. “Developing a Global Learning Rubric: Strengthening Teaching and Improving Learning.”  Diversity & Democracy 16 (2013).


Apr 9 | Teaching information literacy for the 21st century

Assigned readings

  • Borgman, Christine.  “Chapter 1: Scholarship at a Crossroads.”  In Scholarship in the Digial Age: Information, Infrastructure, and the Internet.  Cambridge: MIT Press, 2007. (attached to the email announcement).
  • Information Literacy Competency Standards for Higher Education.”  Association of College and Research Libraries, 2000.

Suggestions for further reading

Apr 30 | Teaching “Integrative” Thinking

Assigned readings

Suggestions for further reading



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