What To Look For When Buying NNN Properties

A triple net lease, sometimes known as a NNN lease, is a lease arrangement in which the tenant agrees to cover all of the property’s running costs, such as maintenance, building insurance, and real estate taxes. This is in addition to the rent and utilities. NNN leases provide lower rent charges than standard leases since the lessee absorbs more of the property’s ongoing expenditures.

Triple net lease for sale benefits tenants by allowing them to modify their space without making the capital expenditure of a new purchase. Property owners who own NNN properties, on the other hand, enjoy a consistent stream of revenue with low overhead expenses and less involvement in property administration.

But, when it comes to NNN properties for sale, what should investors look for? Find out the solution to this often asked NNN property investing question below.

Return on Investment

Are you seeking a way to invest in rental properties without being a landlord? NNN properties are a fantastic investment option in such a case. Look at triple net properties for sale with low-touch, reliable returns to diversify your investment portfolio and grow equity.

It’s critical to calculate investment returns while shopping for NNN homes for sale. Investors must select the appropriate return that is appropriate for them and adhere to these guidelines. If you desire a 5.5 % cap rate, never settle for a 5 % cap. Investigate the market to see where cap rates are now and better understand current pricing.

Returns on triple net lease investments vary greatly based on the following factors:

  • Location
  • Construction began in the year
  • obligations of the landlord
  • The remaining lease term for the tenant

The NNN Property’s Location’s Accessibility

Choose triple-net assets in a convenient, well-established physical location with a high volume of visitors. Examine anchor properties that indicate high traffic. Corner suites are advantageous, but firms operating near the triple net lease building should also be considered.

Purchasing a triple net properties for sale should be accompanied by investment security. Determine if the renters will likely continue to rent after you have purchased the property. Examine the renters to see whether they have a strong track record of adhering to the lease’s provisions.

Geopolitics and Demography

If you wish to assess a NNN property’s maximum profits thoroughly, look into its location and demographics, including the following:

Population Growth: Look for areas with a steady rise in population and strong growth rates. Excellent NNN investment prospects arise in places where people are crowded and where development patterns are expanding.

Examine the area’s economic growth to see whether it has an improving employment rate and a healthy economy. Invest in places where many people congregate, such as malls, stores, shops, amusement parks, and restaurants.

Tenant Demand: Tenant demand and tenant turnover rates are critical components of a profitable NNN investment property. Determine the most prevalent sorts of renters a NNN property has in connection to its location, as well as whether or not this category is still arising or diminishing.

The Tenants’ Business History

Due to landlord responsibilities and running expenditures, purchasing and maintaining a real estate property may be difficult. However, this is not the case with NNN lease properties, which may provide a decent return if the renters have a strong track record.

Tenants in triple net buildings have long-term leases ranging from 10 to 25 years. Examine the history of the tenants’ companies. Is their rent paid on time? Have they always followed the leasing agreement regarding insurance and taxes?

Easily Recognized Companies and Brands

Invest in NNN properties with long-term tenants representing well-known brands and corporations, such as franchisees. More clients are attracted to famous brands, ensuring the success of the NNN property investment.

Consider NNN properties with tenants that supply essential goods and services and are still standing even during a recession as an investment. Due to financial difficulties, you don’t want your renters to break their lease.

The Purchase Price of the NNN Property

When investing in a triple net property, it’s critical to understand your financing as an investor. Most investors have a net worth of at least $1 million or an annual income of $200,000. Determine how you’ll pay for your potential NNN property, whether it’ll be with a bank loan or other inventive financing options.

Work with an expert triple net lease adviser to help you understand this market to confidently and successfully identify the most acceptable NNN property investment for you.


NNN properties may give you a low-risk investment choice that will provide you with a long-term, predictable income stream. Tenants under a NNN lease pay a monthly rental charge and operating fees.

Consider the possible returns, demographics, geographic location, history of tenants’ companies, and the brand or goods and services they provide when investing in NNN properties for sale. Make an informed investment choice based on extensive market research, real-world observations, and tenant and customer interviews.

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