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Blog Post #11

This semester I have learned a lot of experiences about how my major will affect my future.
Also it’s helpful for me to listen workers’ experiences. I love to know how they work and what trouble they met.
This class more like a “plan” class. Teach us what should we do in future college life. According our major and give us helpful tips.

Blog Post #9

Gaming Systems Designer Intern (Summer 2017) (109817) job

Games Development Engineering Internship (Rooster Teeth) – Summer 2017

Games Designer


For the internship, I think it’s a important part to gain more experience for the future life. Because, when people really get in to the work and society, they will not familiar and not used to it. The reason for internship is to getting those used to. Austin have a lots of opportunities for games. Therefore, the competition of that of course will be more. But, company will consider more about students who have some experiences about jobs and how to work efficiently.

Blog Post #8

For my 5 year plan,

I will take all the lessons first and to get the career. After graduated from college, I will go to find a game designer job.

I can do some little thing fist. For example, be a assistance for a professional employee. I will learn the skills first. After like 2 years I will to be a pro.

Then, I will take the important and main part to make a game. After that, I will create my own game. Instead of doing in the company to make some big game.

I will make some small RPG games. It’s easy to update them on the steam.

03 Sequence

For now, I was just finished my cover page. I like to use photoshop to make the design. The right one is front page, the left one is the bottom page. However, I use the margin to solve the “cutting problem”. The size of whole is letter. My idea is to make a photobook about “Neon”. Explore and figure out the neon things, like the night of city or fireworks. I have a lots of photo about fireworks and Neon in the night. I will use lyric to fill out the text through the page.

However, I am concerning about how to make a “connection” between each page. But I will figure it out after I make 5 page up.

Blog Post #7

1. Create a four-year degree plan. How will this major help you prepare a career in the future? Do you have a back up plan if this major doesn’t work out?

I was interesting about the interactive game major. I love games and I like to have a job which related with games. For the plan,I will take the class that my major required to. Such as world building, economy management about the entertainment part. I will continue to exploring the software that improve my skill on gaming design part. Like 3Dmax, gamemaker or model building.

2. Do you have a minor or have you considered a second major?

I was interested in having the package design as a minor. For the reality, game designer might a little bit hard to find a job, however, every product need the package. To be a package designer at least will easy to find a job. However, I am also interested in design things which could make them look better.


02.5 preSequence

I watch the movie 4. It’s a brilliant movie, the beginning of the movie and the connection of cartoon is amazing.

At the beginning, the scene of the movie is a strange iron face. Firstly I was questioned what is this but I realize is the pendulum of clock. The shaking of this make me think what happened next.

The scene move on, I can  see the clock shape. It also looks strange. The decoration of the clock is monster. Also, the background of it is black. The shadow of the clock is deep too. The color of it make me feel down. In the article “Time Design” said that use clock for a symbol is important. Because, clock make audience begin to think there might have something happened in the past or related with future but not now.

I like this part very much. The shot changed by go through the monster’s mouth. The shot change is very smooth and I watch it very comfortable. Instead the white shot change or fade out. The best way is like that change into something or break down something.

Then, the movie use high speed crowd to connect with the time topic as the beginning of the movie. The dark color of the scene and high speed crow with quiet or stopped “someone” make a lonely atmosphere. Make audience focusing on the narrator and the stopped individuals.

Also, it’s my favorite part. A police kick out the football after he mentioned the ball topic. The change of shot is very smooth and It’s fantastic to have the title of the movie. I was thinking that’s good enough but after this it’s surprised me.

The ball kicked into the “O” which seems like a swimming pool. The reality changed to the cartoon. I really like that the girl break down the subtitle. I like the carton style. It also use the dark color so it’s not abrupt. The girl run to the end I saw the clock. It also connected with the time topic.

The author of the movie use the time and graphic relationship very well. The shot of change use go through and break down. It’s more interesting to use in that way. Also, the reality change to carton and changed back to the reality movie is a interesting part. I wondering know what happened next and the story of movie. The reason for that might be the adventure of the main character is kind contains the fiction element therefore author use the carton style to insert it.



Blog Post #6


  1. My greatest strengths is Photoshop skill. I was interesting to make posters and make people look better.
  2. For greater success in this course, I need to improve the photo skill. I was bad at taking any kind of photo. The problem is I think everything is normal, not have different things. So, I don’t know to take what things.

Computer skills:

  1. My computer skills include: Photoshop, Edius, AE.
  2. I still need to learn: Other Adobe.

Research & writing skills:

  1. My greatest strengths as a researcher/writer include report in a right way.
  2. I need to work on these aspects of research and writing: Be specific and solve more problem with the grammar.
  3. I learn best & accomplish most when read carefully with the example.


The class that I’m not good with is writing class. I have the bad skill with writing and I don’t know how to improve it. My roommate told me that I can read more book which are in English or watching some Netflix with English. However, I used to translate English into Chinese in my brain. Therefore, read or watch in English is hard and slow for me.

Blog Post #4


The goal of these two assignment is that I use a lot of pictures but use photoshop technology to mixed them.

The fist one I use 4 pictures. The cat, mirror, rose and the flowers at the background. And the second one, I use 3 pictures, the paint, flowers and light.

However the light is make by photoshop. I like done all these and mixed them to make a new artwork.

The strongest part of the work is the color management I think.

Both of the work I use the material of flower. I like flower therefore I use them a lot.

However, the problem of my work is use too much things and the scene of my work is too chaos. I want to prove that.

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