Reflection Essay

Patchouli Wan

Professor William Kennedy

Visual Studies I

5 September 2017

Why We Play Games

Everyone love games, games brings a lots of emotion and joy to people, also it’s a nice way to make friends too. In the article Why We Play Games: Four Keys to More Emotion Without Story, it describes that games switch on the switch of people’s emotion. (Nicole 1). Games brings emotions, friends and the adventure about a “new world”, in games, people decide their own life.

I love games, I have been playing games since I was 10 years old. The reasons why I love games is that I love to be successful in games. I love victory and I like play game with other people. Also, I love to explore the way to play games. In the real world, there are nothing to explore anymore because “someone” already explored all over the world, I can never be the first one. However, games always updating the new tasks or activities that I have a chance to become the first winner. Also I don’t scared about challenge and fail in games, because I have many chance to restart it! I can failed again and again but I will be beat it in the end. I love the feeling that games brings to be.

In the article, there are 3 different kind of player of games. The first one is some players that want to be the top level of the game world, they explore the new way to be success in the games, the second kind is explore the game itself to fulfill their curiosity and experience joyful in the game, the third one is play games to spent the times, just play it but don’t want to be anyone and don’t want to know anything(Nicole 5). I am the first kind of player, but I think a successful game should fulfill all kind of players, should have different way to play it. Therefore the freedom of player in the game is important, for example, Minecraft, Warcraft and FF14. Online games is more harsh to become popular, because when people could play it together they will explore it faster, therefore online games should be updating monthly to detain players.

In conclusion, games should be have a best way to fulfill every kind of players and keep it fresh for them, also, it should not be too hard, the story and the rhythm should be fast. People will be attracted by interesting and beautiful game, therefore make it fun and worth to exploring is important.














Why We Play Games:Four Keys to More Emotion Without Story

Abstract March 8, 2004

Nicole Lazzaro, President

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