Weather Report : Advanced Typography

This project was focused around the idea of creating a personalized weather report for a client who is looking to travel to one of four cities. The approach I took to starting this assignment was very spontaneous. I would just begin to think of what I felt embodied the idea of movement while keeping it very easy to read and simple in color choices. This, mostly to keep the focus on the information and not distract the reader/viewer from what the report is trying to communicate. Decisions I had to make to make this video more effective included narrowing down typeface choices as well as what type of icons matched my overall look. The design of this whole video enhanced my content by making it easier to read, follow and understand.



Weather Report








Visual Identity Mark : Graphic Design 2


This assignment was about creating a brand or identity for a public location in Austin. Most of the work that went into this project was very hands on and personal to the visitor’s experience when being in the moment at the selected location. My location was the boardwalk and through some challenges with getting started with this mark I finally broke through my creative block and make this multidimensional mark. My process began with the ideology of a hidden location due to the boardwalk being considerably hard to get to, and then evolved into the idea of connectivity and continuation as the mark was being made. I ultimately let my designing of this mark guide me in how I ultimately wanted to identify this location. The symbol that is derived from the word-mark is the boardwalk against water flowing next to it while creating a triangle that is also socially understood as a “play” button. This design while very bright and playful also connects to my concept of connectivity through the social understanding of the play symbol. The idea of play not only resonates with the targeted audience through their leisurely activities while on this boardwalk but also creates the idea to continue through the trail while abstractly including a visual of the boardwalk within the mark.



Visual Identity Mark







Interface Lesson : Image Methodology



This project was to make an online portfolio app. This assignment opened my eyes to new possibilities within the graphic design world. Getting to use and get comfortable with after effects was one of the most prominent things that stuck with me as well as an interest with application design. I followed the process through designing the look and user interaction on paper as a prototype and then transferred these ideas onto illustrator. I wanted my application portfolio to be unique in the way the menu was set up. I noticed that as a user sometimes you click on things on accident and I wanted to get rid of this potential user error, so I made the menu be in the four corners of the screen, where most do not touch often unlike the top or bottom sections of the screen. This design embodied my idea of uniqueness and easy access through the navigation itself being divided into different sections of the screen but the design choice of making them stay on screen always and not disappear enhanced the content itself due to the easy access this created for the user.



Interface Lesson




Plotter Lesson : Image Methodology



This assignment was to create a meaningful process where the process was what was important to follow and not the actual outcome. This was to make us, as the designers, more aware of how we create our art and for what reasons instead of just only focusing on the actual outcome. My rule was focusing on the connection between two circles. This process started in illustrator and through experimenting with all the ways circles can connect with one another came up with all 16 posters.  My concept was shown in my posters through the different ways that the circles connected to one another. There was not just physical connection with the circles but I also extended this idea into connection the content mentally, by using the eye and the way the circles were places to create a mental connection between the content.



Plotter Lesson








Zine Lesson : Image Methodology



The zine truism was one of the most rewarding projects in my opinion, creating our own chromatic type and having so much creative freedom was very benefitting. I think that the fact that a we got to choose our truism and include it into our design made this project all that more personal. The process I went through with this project included a lot of detail work on my typeface and making sure that all the words and letters matched one another. Some decisions I had to make included selecting colors from the risograph inks and then layering them in a way that the two colors complimented each other. The idea behind the shapes in my design came from my overall concept of time. There are 12 transformed lines that represent a clock but they are bent and repeated for more emphasis. And the flowing shapes that continuously run throughout the rest of the spreads represents my concept of unpredictability and how somethings in life come when you least expect them. The design and flow all the elements have enhances my content by complimenting the shapes and the way the zine is read because all the flowing shaped lures you onto the next page.



Zine Lesson










Zine Lesson_YM-touvuk


Object Lesson : Image Methodology



After watching an assigned film, we had to create a matchbox that could theoretically fit into the style of the film and not standout in the scenes. As the designer for this object I had to consider the style indicators of the film. For my object, I had to design it to match the film Snow piercer. The process included taking screenshots of some objects or of some significant scenes in the film. Things such as colorization of the film, the setting and the circumstances the characters lived in played a huge role in designing the matchbox. The design aspects I decided to include was to give it a very handmade look, put a big symbol indicating it was fire as well as writing the word “matches” in many languages. These indicators enhanced my concept because the film was very grungy, dirty and dark as well as was populated by many kinds of people who spoke many different languages. The final touch of physically making the matchbox dirty was a decision was pulled all the aspects of the movie together.



Object Lesson





Symbol Methodology : Graphic Design 1



This assignment was about the process to making a symbol. I had the overarching concept of beauty. And the process included a lot of brainstorming and connecting of other concepts that related to my main idea of beauty. I intended these symbols to be used on beauty product packaging as a shorthand for other words or phrases. The trial and error with these symbols was the most challenging part for me. Most of the time I would create something and then leave a critique not knowing where to move onto next with specific symbols but I think that this very long process ended up helping me in the long run with mastering the minimalistic and abstract design these final symbols have.



Symbol Methodology






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