Fulbright Conference Book

The objective of this project was to take a large amount of type and information and to effectively show all the information in a visually pleasing and easy to understand way. I chose a very muted and neutral color palette because of the audience and the purpose this program will serve. My reasoning behind a more neutral color palette was that this program supports and promotes international education and cultural exchanges. It is a foundation held to high regards and is made up of scholars, alumni, educators and leaders from all over the United states and I felt like a hard and very bright color palette could distract from what really matters, the content. I chose a very bold and stand out typeface for the title because I wanted the type to be what the eyes initially go to. The pattern along the first page is the design element that stays consistent throughout the whole publication to allow for a break in solid blocks of color. I utilize the pattern to lead the eye along the pages as well as to give the eye something else to look at.


I also use geometric breaks in the blocks of color on the pages as another decorative element as well as to make the layout more interesting. The breaks in the background also lead the eyes towards the titles and provide more contrast between the materials and information.





Fulbright Book









Designer statement

Fulbright Designer statement_YM-1p82caf


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