Next project- The Mystery

All the information we received in the mystery zip folder was somehow related to a university or higher education. There were some lists of people in committees, conference schedules, maps as well as the university logos. The photographs of some people were also included in this folder. While all this information seems random I think it is a way for us to organize and view information in general. All the information presented can be linked to listing in general so I think this next project could have something to do with designing for large amounts of information or text.

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Mid-Term Assessment Essay

1 Where are you in your hours that you declared earlier in the semester? Looking at your work now, are your current accumulated hours enough?

Looking at the hours I declared at the beginning of the semester I feel like my hours have not been consistent. Consistency and having more of a schedule to work on my design is a goal I have definitely set for myself. Looking at my work now it has required a lot more hours due to the complexity of the assignments but I still feel like it is not enough. I do think my work shows more time put into it and more work done overall but I know I could do more and create more which has been something I have been trying to make real lately. I want to just experiment more and create visuals so I can have more of a collection of work from which I could pull from when I need inspiration.


2 Has your definition of “sophisticated” work changed from last semester? If so, how so? What is sophisticated in your weather report?

In my last semester blog post I described sophistication as “the work is intentional and very well thought out”.  I still agree with this statement, I believe that sophisticated work to be considered sophisticated has to have a certain degree of cleanness and complexity. I believe that in my weather report the sophisticated aspect if within my typeface choices and the shape style. I would consider it to be very simple and consistent throughout the whole video.


3 Describe how the new things you’ve learned so far connect to what you already had coming into the semester.

The new things that I have learned so far connected with my prior knowledge in a way that it makes me pay even more attention to detail. It has made me understand that even nonverbal things such as movement have their own language. The new things I’ve learned adds on to my understanding of typefaces and how they can be even further manipulated based on the characteristics we give them.

4 What are somethings you are still unsure about in this project that you would like to know more about?

I am sure about my knowledge of how to use and complete a project in after effects now but the part I am unsure of is how to make a more sophisticated and basically just a cooler looking video. There are so many effects I saw my classmates use or others that I saw online that I have no idea as to how they came about in after effects. I feel this is just a matter of experimenting and playing around with the software more. I am unsure of some of the technicalities but I understood the concept of text in motion and the visuals in motion well.


5 Assign a level of value to this project. Identify two other projects in your creative life and place this weather report relative to them. How close or far are they from one another? What qualities did each project have that the other’s didn’t that would rate them higher/lower?

I think that this project is very valuable to be because it is one of my first After Effects projects. It shows I have the knowledge to work the program so it is considered valuable in a portfolio aspect as of right now. Two other projects I’ve created would be my logo project and my Zine book. Relative to each other I don’t think they are that far from one another. The projects were all individually different and required their own techniques and processes. My logo project was more minimalistic and representative making it very clear and simple, while the zine was more focused on the message being projected and the construction of the original typeface and image so this made the Zine very layered and complex.


6 Break down the percentages of what entities that create growth within the creative you. Am I part of it? Part of it is on you, right? Do you consider your classmates/friends as influencers on the course of your trajectory for success? At the end of the semester you will be evaluating me, but right now within your own pie piece, how much have you brought to the game? How did it end up that you brought that much?

I think I make up about 40 percent of my own creative growth. Simply because of how much control I have concerning what I do or create or what I don’t do or don’t create. 30 percent I believe would come from professors or authority figures. 10 percent from classmates and 20 percent from what I observe online and other artists.

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End Term Assessment Essay


1 How many hours of practice time per week would you consider excessive? How many hours would not be enough to create sophisticated work? Where are you situated?

I think that an excessive amount of practice hours would be anything over 10 hours a day that being 70 hours a week. I came to this conclusion by calculation how many hours out a day we are actually awake, and then the time out of that time dedicated to other things such as eating or doing chores. I think that anything less than 3 hours a day would not be enough to create sophisticated work. I think I am still situated at around the 5 to 7 hours a day.

2 What is “sophisticated” work? What is sophisticated in the designs of your maps?

I think that sophisticated work is neat and well put together. Something that is clear and can be easily seen by the viewers. It is also fulfilling to its purpose and executes the task well. I think that something within the design of my maps is the simplicity and the shapes.

3 What was some meaningful feedback you received about the maps and what did you do with that feedback?

Some meaningful feedback I received about the maps was concerning the decision making map and how it was a little cluttered. With the feedback I received I could reevaluate other posters ill make in the future and it really made me contemplate the “restate” we have when making these maps. Sometimes some of the area has to be sacrificed in order to reach the aesthetic you want.

4 Describe what level of challenge you encountered in the creation of your maps. What was the hardest part / what was the easiest part? What was the most enjoyable part of the process?

I think that the maps were very challenging. Not only because of the content but because you had to create flow with words as well as symbols. I did not really know when to resort to words or to create a symbol. The hardest for me was the decision making map, I had a really had time organizing my thoughts into a map. The easiest part for me was the personal geography map because it was mostly just symbols and shapes. The most enjoyable part of the process was making the shapes on my personal geography map and creating context with colors and shapes.

5 Did you do anything else outside of class, extracurricular, related to art, design, or creativity?

Outside of class I just take photographs mostly of people, I also keep up with my Instagram “portfolio”. Other than class I really have not had the chance to do anything creative as an extracurricular. I would like to join something more having to do with design next semester, right now I am just involved with athletics ad regular academics.

6 Whether positively, negatively or neutrally, how has your life outside of school impacted your school work?

My life outside of school has neutrally impacted my school work. Sometimes I procrastinate due to social events on weekends but other than that it has not rally had that big of an impact on my school work. I always try to be on schedule and I try to stay on track with my assignments so I’ll have space for days where I do not do as much work and give myself a break.

7 What does the most ideal classroom environment look/feel like to you? What does it mean to be part of a class? This semester, what was your part / role / contribution to this ideal vision?

The most ideal classroom environment looks very advanced and new with lots of space to lay things out kind of like stations in the library as well as like a place where you can stay for a long time, but feels welcoming and like a place to share concerns and critiques with friends.

feel free to add other dimension/criteria/rubric ratings that you deem important in the learning/changing process.


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Decision Making Map


This decison making map was intended to show the thinking process and how a person comes to a conclusion when having to make a decision. It shows other questions that come up when trying to answer the over all question. Other criteria appears as you answer the questions and at the end all the possibilities are listed and based on the answers given you are directed to what your decision should be.



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Personal Geography


This personal geography map could have been of anything we personally wanted. It could be our walk/drive to school, it could have been a map of someones favorites places in Austin or all the natural lakes/rivers in the area. I chose to document my own personal walk from my apartment to class. It is an average of how cool/warm/hot it feels while walking. The places further away always have the higher feeling warmth due to the long walk, the sun and rushing, the closer by areas do not feel as warm because the walk is a lot shorter and are mostly shaded by trees and buildings.



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Midterm Essay: Meta-Skills of the Life Long Learner

Meta-Skills of the Life Long Learner- Defined


The use of Practice time is rated at either consistent-tea, uneven-coffee, or sporadic-red bull. The first rating level consistent or so called tea, I believe to be the highest out of the three because this means that the student does not need so much caffeine to keep up with their assignments and work meaning they have most things under control and are handling their time wisely. Uneven or coffee use of practice time means there is some difficulty with using practice time well but they are still making it work. While sporadic or red bull is like a cry for help, they have so much going on and really need that extra help to keep up with everything, practice time is the least of their worries.

The sophistication of work is rated by high-discerning, medium-aware, or low-clueless. The first level being high or discerning meaning that the sophistication of the work is intentional and very well thought out. The second rating being medium or aware and this means that you are conscious of the complexity but it was not really intentional. The last rating being low or clueless, and this means that the student has no idea about the caliber of sophistication or complexity in the work.

The use of feedback is rated by meaningful-transformative, useful-improved, or trivial-amended. The first rating being meaningful or transformative and this means that the feedback that was given that student was so impactful that it literally transformed their work, it turned their first iterations closer to something final. Useful or improved rating means that the student took the feedback and improved the work, it did not totally transform the work but did cause some enhancements. By the trivial or amended rating it means that even though the student got feedback the student did not really act on it. There were very minor changes made to the overall work meaning this student did not consider the feedback very well.

The level of challenge the student creates for themselves is rated as either intense-beyond, medium-there, or mild-here. The first rating intense or beyond means that the student challenged themselves most of the time, they created work that was complex and interesting otherwise known as pushing the limits. Medium or there means there is some challenge being seen on the students’ part, they work hard and the challenge really is “there” but there could be some more effort. While mild or here means the students’ challenge level is here, not there or beyond and not really going anywhere.

Other expert experiences is referring to any other work the student is doing, could be for another class, an internship, a job or a club. The ratings for this criteria are lots of extra stuff, just the class assignments, or other “stuff”. Lots of extra stuff means that the student is really involved in outside work, they practice their skills a lot while outside of class and develop other projects making them have a lot of professional experience. Just the class assignments mean that there is some experience being gained but only through the classroom setting, there is no real world connection happening in this rating. And other “stuff” means that there isn’t really something to rate, there could be other things going on in the students’ life but there is no documentation of proof of this “stuff’ happening.

Social emotional development is rated by mature-in control, young-out of control and adolescent- remote control. Mature or in control means that the student has very reasonable control over their social and emotional development meaning they can express and manage their emotions as well as establish positive relationships with others.  Young or out of control means that the student cannot build these positive relationships and has a hard time controlling their emotions. Adolescent or having remote control means they are somewhere in the middle of being in total control and having no control at all.  Some improvements would be beneficial to the student.

And lastly the contribution to the climate is rated as either warm-influential, room temperature-3ft radius or cold-like the Antarctica. Being rated as warm or influential means that the student radiates positive energy and good vibes in the classroom setting. They are not to themselves all the time and are very open and welcoming to other classmates. Room temperature or 3 ft radius means that the student still has positive energy in the classroom but they are not a open about it, they stay to themselves most of the time but are still pleasant to be around. Cold like the Antarctica means that this student has no interest in bonding with others, they keep to themselves all the time and so not want to contribute to the climate of the classroom.

My practice time in relation with my expert hours I think go hand in hand. I have a lot of practice time from outside of school. I had nonstop practice time all summer at an internship, I have clubs I have designed flyers for as well as having designed advertisements. I would consider myself at the consistent and lots of extra stuff rank for the practice time and the expert experiences category. All of the outside practice time I have had has only helped me improve and though out this constant use of my practice time has made it easier for me to not only memorize but really learn shortcuts and ways to use photoshop and illustrator. The sophistication of my own work I think has improved very much since the beginning of this course and throughout the beginning of my undergrad career in general. I think I would fall under the high/discerning rank in sophistication as well as the useful/improved rank within use of feedback. The way I have dealt with feedback has gotten better and better. At first I was a little intimidated by critiques and feedback but it really has proven to help me improve my work. Sometimes do not really understand where the critique is coming from or its perspective so I do have to improve some more and maybe ask question to the person critiquing my work. The criteria for critique with our icon project included things like simplicity, the weight of lines, how heavy or light the icon appears, if it is balanced, symmetrical or asymmetrical. With the criteria that was presented at the critiques the whole editing and re-defining process was a whole lot easier to accomplish and understand. And as for challenging myself I think at first I felt very unsatisfied with my tracings and vectors, I felt like they were too common but as we progress with the project and started to hybridize the icons they did become more complex and challenging to polish up. Ultimately I became very happy with the craft and how my icons were at the end of this project. I felt like there still very original but familiar. As for my social emotional development I am in the mature ranking because I am very much in control of how I develop and maintain positive relationships with others. My contribution to the classroom climate would be rated as room temperature, mostly because I do not really consider myself influential or that open with people I don’t know, I’m always happy to meet new people and I am always polite and nice but I am not the one to initiate meeting new people most of the time.


online picture blog/portfolio


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