Blog Post #11 Part I & II


The faculty members, Joe, Alex, and Bob, did an excellent job during their presentations. Bob went first discussing his passion for gaming, in which he detailed the different type of systems he utilized throughout his lifespan and his position in the industry. After Bob, Alex presented her slideshows on the influence that her kids have on her personal and creative lifestyle. Lastly, Joe presented his unique portrait photography, beginning his presentation with a personal dialogue of his work from 20 years ago till Today.

Overall, I loved how each presenter made you feel like they truly love their career paths and does not regret any steps of their journey. You can tell how each faculty presenter turned adversity into a way to create more and adapted to the change of their personal lifestyles. For example, Alex did not think that her children benefited her artwork in terms of practice, but she found a way to turn their habits into an art form: a Gif of their repeated, yet oddly positioned photos. You can tell that Joe, Bob, and Alex see their work more than just “work,” yet a dive into their unique lifestyles, passions, and hobbies.


My reflection of this course is that the presenters, speakers, and activities were very elaborating and intriguing. I think the work we had to do was very appropriate because it did not take up to much time, and it allowed us to voice our opinions in a personal manner (which sometimes felt therapeutic). I think Tuan did an amazing job hosting the class this year.

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