Blog Post #5 Part I & II


Clara- Photography Major

The B&W she uses in her images is a lovely balance of light and dark. Her film work curates a moody aurora as if the images were precious and intimate to the viewer. Clara’s macro images of nature showcase crisps details and rich color in an organic manner.

Alexis- Interactive Games Studies

Alexis’ sketch showcases a clean, concrete idea of how designers should begin processing their work. I appreciated being able to see her self-taught growth with Photoshop and art skills.

Hanna- Graphic Design Major

With her strong typography-dominant designs, Hanna puts the viewer in the world of design education. She showcases the significance of knowing the design tools and utilizing them in a hand-drawn, narrative manner.

Michelle- Visual Arts Major

Michelle’s dreamlike world presents the beauty of bold, fearless design concepts and artistry.   I love her passion for creating in-depth contrast through colors, line work, and expressions. Her poster designs also were bold, clean, and simplistic yet captivating.


James Jean 

Hunting Party II

James Jean’s design work is not only astonishing, but he presents the artwork in a professional manner. James’ website allows his bold, fantasy based work to stand out in an appropriate manner. The website presents a modern slideshow layout with manual navigations for viewers can enjoy the beauty of James Jean’s artistic narration. Overall, James Jean unorthodox style and professionalism helped me select his work for artistic inspiration.

Kehinde Wiley 

Randerson Romulado Cordeiro

Kehinde Wiley is a superb portrait based painter who work revitalized African American culture and highlighted its creative freedom with pure positivity. Vibrant colors and bold patterns for the backgrounds, this stylistic format Kehinde maintained, sky rocketed his career to the next level. Kehinde’s attention to detail and color contrasts made it easy for me to select him as inspiration. The portfolio portion on his website is one of the fews that distinguishes itself from the others with a circular format and transparent lettering, until you click on the artwork.

Marius Sperlich


Marius Sperlich is a Berlin based photographer and art director who creative eye is wildly expressive. Marius uses provactive and explicisive content to convey a powerful message, capturing stimulating details of his mediums. What I love about Marius’ portfolio is he uses advanced technology and found an explicit, social conscious style that separated himself from the rest. His modern viewpoints on photography opens up a space for viewers to create their own captions and form their own perspectives. His portfolio caters to receiving more following on social and new media applications.


Speed of Light

Mcflyy is a LA based graphic designer and artist who made a name for himself by working with musical celebrities such as Chris Brown and YG. With a passion for anime and video game character, Mcflyy naturally navigated to special renditions of his favorite icons. His design inspiration spans from Takashi Murakami and Akira Toriyama. I love his portfolio because it showcases how art does not always have to convey a deeper message; art is whatever the artist makes the medium formulate. Mcflyy’s portfolio pushed him to gaining major connections in the LA area and a huge fan base on social media.


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