Blog Post #2 Part I

In the mornings, till noon, my schedule maintains a consistent routine; I wake up
around the same time and prep for school/work. I like to start my day off with
consistency because it sets the overall tonnage for how the week will end.


As the day continued, I noticed my schedule was packed with an abundance amount of work load. I enjoyed the concentration of getting assignments completed for all my classes. Majority of the day is dedicated towards school and freelance work. One aspect I did notice about my schedule is it begins to shift a little as time gets closer towards night.

The night arrives and my schedule becomes a tad bit scattered. For the majority, I tend to know the tasks which need completion before I am able to sleep. Relaxation and taking a break in between work load is still significant. Therefore, my schedule becomes looser for the sake of my sanity. A strict time managed regimen throughout the week is not my ideal lifestyle. Also, I believe nights is more suited for comfortability because they tend to run longer than days (depending if one chooses to stay up late than wake up earlier).

The latter hours, from PM to AM, are the trickiest because they test my abilities and deep intuitions. More days of the week I will stay up past 2 am, sacrificing sleep to have more time for my true aspirations/desires such as creating for personal projects. I am currently trying to utilize more of these hours for every day of the week. Honestly, where’s the fun in living if I sleep life away? I love to appreciate all hours of the week and try my best to live in the moment (losing track of time). Tracking my time concluded my realization that time is insignificant to living, yet made me feel the need to abide by a certain standard.

Time is the real enemy not space aliens. Time abducts our memories, it turns our brains into mush. It performs creepy experience on our bodies…

  • Bill Brown from Roswell Documentary

Quotations/contributions included: Bill Brown

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