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Blog Post #11

Part 1: Faculty Presentation Response

  • Bob: Video Game Professor
    • Description: For the presentation he talked about how he fell in love with creating content for video games. He also talked to us about the first video game he played with as a young kid, which was Fireball. For the career part of the presentation he told us about his responsibilities and what projects he was apart of at Krave entertainment.
    • My Response: I really liked Bob’s presentation because he talked about his career with a good heart and it sounds like a fun profession to have.
  • Alex: GIF Professor
    • Description: Alex talked about how her kids inspired her new work. She mentioned that with the change of her workspace she had to find her new creative internal drive. Now she creates GIFs because her kids inspired her to create GIFs with the photos her kids take. Her current work evolves around GIFs and Morse code.
    • My Response: I thought that Alex’s presentation was interesting because of how she mentioned that her kids now inspire her creative work.
  • Joe Vitone: Photographer
    • Description: For his presentation Joe showed us his continuing project of taking photographs of his family. He started this project in 1998 and is still working on finishing it. He talked about taking the majority of the pictures during the summertime.
    • My Response: I enjoyed Joe’s presentation because it was aesthetically pleasing. And he talked about his work very well so I enjoyed that. Also the pictures were very real and raw and I liked that too.

Part 2: Semester Reflection

I really enjoyed this class as a whole. It brought my attention to careers and opportunities that I did not have the knowledge of before. And I really don’t have anything negative to say about the class.

Blog Post #10

Part 1: Response to Presentation:

The presenters at our class Friday were Nate and Ame Austin who own a self-funded game company in Austin, TX. They both together created a video game called Wildermyth. I learned that if you have the funds then you should go ahead and create your own video game.

Part 2: My Question

When did you realize that you loved your job and picked the right career?


Blog Post #9

Part 1: Alumni Presentations

  • Alejandro Ura: SXSW Business Development
    • Alejandro talked about how he helped build campaigns and promotions as a business developer at SXSW. He also mentioned how he crafted video games or promos to engage with the audience. He talked about his passion for video games and how he built his skills of understanding video games, immersing yourself in your passion, and improving yourself always here at St. Ed’s.
    • My Thoughts: I thought his job was really cool and different and not a typical job you think of getting when growing up.
  • Anthony M. Zubia: Art Director & Freelance Designer
    • Anthony talked about how he started his career and passion here at St. Ed’s. He mentioned how he first started by creating posters for student life. He then told us about his internship at TCF and how he was soon hired by the company as a creative director. And then he showed us his work and gave us advice on how to sell our work and sell our name.
    • My Thoughts: I really liked his presentation because being an art director is something I want to work for as a graphic designer.
  • Edith Valle
    • Edith talked about her background and how she connects or shows it through her creative work. She also talked about her internship at Transmission Events and how she made posters for their events. She also mentioned the cool projects she was apart of and museums her work have been showcased at.
    • My Thoughts: I really liked her creative work and hope to be getting invited to projects like her.

Part 2: Potential Internships

  1. Triple 8 Management
  2. Beanitos
  3. Bluebonnet Visual Branding


Blog Post #8

Part 1: Thoughts on Faculty Presentations

  • Kim Garza
    • Kim in her presentation showed us her work and talked about her creative journey. I thought is was really cool that she talked about her husband creating new music to the steps or dancing to a play and how she used the music her husband made to make a new play based on the new music. It was also interesting how she used problems that we have in society to make creative content like guides to help parents with new born babies.
  • Bill Kennedy
    • Bill in his presentation showed us his work of turning ordinary objects into work that is not recognizable in the final product. He talked about how he used Photoshop to make his final product and how he had no set method but did whatever he thought was right to make the final product. In my opinion I did not like his work. I thought it was boring and the art did not catch my attention in any way.
  • Tuan Phan
    • Tuan talked about the past work he has created. My favorite work he created was how during the election he made face stickers of Hillary and Trump with the election day date.
  • Jimmy Luu
    • Jimmy talked to us about his risograph lab and publication experiences. I really liked this professors presentation the best because he has worked in publication which is something I am looking for in my career.

Part 2: My 5-Year Plan

What is it that I want to achieve:

-I want to be a book cover designer at a book publishing company with a $41,000 salary.

Steps I need to take to achieve this goal:

  • Become very familiar with InDesign
  • Complete an internship with a book publishing company
  • have a good resume



The transitions in the Richter film happened at a slow pace in the beginning but after some time the shapes then started to appear at a faster pace. The transitions happened at places that were unexpected, so it happened to feel like watching a horror movie and kept me at the edge of my seat because I never knew from where on the screen the next shape was going to appear at. The transitions also felt like he was trying to hypnotize the audience throughout the film and did not allow me to think about anything else but the film’s next transitions.


The movie Pulp Fiction was very interesting to dissect and put together to understand. I am not too sure what you mean when you say to discuss the use of time, so I am going to discuss what I think you mean. In the beginning of the movie Vincent and Jules go on a mission to kill someone and Jules asks for the time and says it’s not time yet, so they move to the side to continue their conversation and when its exactly the time then they knock on the door. This indicates to me that they used their time well and did not want to show up early to their duties. There was also this other scene in the movie where Vincent must count to three to give the adrenaline shot to Mia. And the use of time here is used as a guide for Vincent to give the shot. And there was a third scene where Jules, Vincent and Mr. Wolfe had 40 minutes to clean the car. My thoughts on the use of time in this scene are that they used their time very precisely and moved quickly so as not to go over the time given. And those are my thoughts in of the use of time in Pulp Fiction.

Blog Post #7

1. My Four Year Degree Plan

  • First Year:

    • First Semester:
      • Rhetoric and Composition 2
      • First Yr. Sem. in VS
      • Drawing 1
      • Global Engagement Sem.
      • Intro. to Hebrew Bible
      • Media Lens
      • Visual Studies 1
    • Second Semester
      • College Algebra
      • Foundation Art and Design
      • Typography 1
      • Oral Communication
      • Literature and Human Experience
  • Second Year:

    • Third Semester:
      • Computational skills
      • Spanish 1
      • Graphic Design I
      • Image Methodology
      • American Experience
    • Fourth Semester:
      • Spanish 2
      • Graphic Design II
      • Sophomore Portfolio Review
      • American Dilemmas
      • Contemporary World Issues
  • Third Year:

    • Fifth Semester:
      • History of Graphic Design
      • Advanced Issues in Typography
      • Graphic Design III
      • History & Evolution of Global Processes
      • Ethics
    • Sixth Semester:
      • Interaction Design
      • Junior Studio
      • Junior Portfolio Review
      • Science in Perspective
  • Fourth Year:

    • Seventh Semester:
      • Topics in Graphic Design
      • Senior Studio
      • Social Design
      • Capstone Course
    • Sixth Semester:
      • Internship
      • Senior Exhibition & Portfolio Review


How will this major help you prepare a career in the future?

  • Being a major in graphic design will help me be in a career that designs covers for books.

Do you have a back up plan if this major doesn’t work out?

  • Yes I have a back up plan in case this major does not work out.

Do you have a minor or have you considered a second major?

  • No I do not have a minor but I have considered a second major which is English Literature. I think that majoring in English will be beneficial because as a career I can edit books or textbooks before they are published and people are always creating books of some sort whether it be paper or online.

Blog Post #6

Part 1:

1) My greatest strengths in Drawing 1 include: patience in completing my drawings
For greater success in this course, I need to: practice more on my sketches and drawings

2) My greatest strengths in Media Lens include: evaluating the news for quizzes                               For greater success in this course, I need to: write my reports with greater thought

3) My greatest strengths in Intro to the Hebrew Bible include: paying attention to the lecture and taking good notes during class                                                                                                                    For greater success in this course, I need to: give more effort in my reading assignments

4) My greatest strengths in Visual Studies 1 include: active listening and patience with learning the skills                                                                                                                                                                   For greater success in this course, I need to: practice more on my Lightroom and Photoshop skills

5) My greatest strengths in Writing and Rhetoric 2 include: being proficient                                   For greater success in this course, I need to: better prepare on my essays and not procrastinate.

Computer skills:
My computer skills include: fast typing and Microsoft Word
I still need to learn: Microsoft Excel

Research & writing skills: writing  a good thesis statement
My greatest strengths as a researcher/writer include: researching good and valuable articles
I need to work on these aspects of research and writing: making transitions between paragraphs
I learn best & accomplish most when: I’m not distracted and I’m focused


A class that I am struggling with is my Intro to the Hebrew Bible class.                                                   10 ways that I can improve in this class include:

  1. concentrating on my reading
  2. giving more effort in the class
  3. not daydreaming during class
  4. reading all the assigned material
  5. asking questions when needed
  6. asking my peers for help when needed
  7. prepare for my quizzes
  8. research on topics I don’t understand
  9. asking my professor for help or more resources
  10. give more effort in preparing for my exams


Visual Seminar: Blog Post #5

Part 1: My Thoughts on Upper Classmen Work

In general I loved seeing the upperclassmen’s work because it got me excited of the skills I will be able to build and create here at St. Edward’s.

-Hannah King: Graphic Designer

In my opinion I enjoyed Hannah King’s presentation the best because I am also majoring in graphic design and she showed me what will await for me in the future for my major. I thought her work was very creative and was very focused on leaves, nature, and flowers. And I think it’s awesome that she’s creating a design for her own subscription box.

-Clara Ewert: Photography

I really enjoyed looking at Clara’s photos because the photos presented were very relaxing to look at. And how she tried to focus on one object and blur out the rest of the objects in the photo.

-Alexis Abesamis: Interactive Game Studies

Her work was very different and video game themed. I enjoyed looking at her work because she used strong, vibrant colors. And her dragon art was cool as well.

-Michelle D:

I really enjoyed her work the best out of all the presenters because her work was very simple yet strong because of all the vibrant colors she used which made me want to look at her work even more.

Part 2: Inspirational Websites

Jordy Farrell

I chose this website because the design reminded me of my childhood and it was pleasing to the eye because there were no straight lines.

Brad Albright 

This website was my favorite because there was a lot of detail going on and the website was also laid out or designed like a newspaper which I enjoyed.

May-Linn Aaslie

I chose this website because the design and layout was very modern and simplistic to the eye.

Nadiya Kushnir

I chose this website because I liked how the artist used pictures or doodles as tabs and laid them in a circle instead of the usual rectangular tabs at the top.


My Current Work: Blog Post #4

These are some of the photographs that I had to for my visual studies class. The location of these photos are between Oltorf and Cesar Chaves streets. The goal of the assignment included to take photographs with gestalt principles.

To reach my goal of the assignments I went out to take pictures multiple times until I thought I had a decent amount of pictures to work with in finding the gestalt principles I was looking for.



I thought the strongest aspect of my pictures were that they were different and unique, and concentrated on light posts. My weakest aspect was the post-production of the pictures was not good. I thought that my pictures were to bright for my audience. My project can be strengthened conceptually by taking the pictures at a different angle or composing them differently. In terms of technically my pictures can be strengthened with better editing and light exposure. Overall I really liked my pictures and was satisfied with the end result.

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