Part 1: My Thoughts on Upper Classmen Work

In general I loved seeing the upperclassmen’s work because it got me excited of the skills I will be able to build and create here at St. Edward’s.

-Hannah King: Graphic Designer

In my opinion I enjoyed Hannah King’s presentation the best because I am also majoring in graphic design and she showed me what will await for me in the future for my major. I thought her work was very creative and was very focused on leaves, nature, and flowers. And I think it’s awesome that she’s creating a design for her own subscription box.

-Clara Ewert: Photography

I really enjoyed looking at Clara’s photos because the photos presented were very relaxing to look at. And how she tried to focus on one object and blur out the rest of the objects in the photo.

-Alexis Abesamis: Interactive Game Studies

Her work was very different and video game themed. I enjoyed looking at her work because she used strong, vibrant colors. And her dragon art was cool as well.

-Michelle D:

I really enjoyed her work the best out of all the presenters because her work was very simple yet strong because of all the vibrant colors she used which made me want to look at her work even more.

Part 2: Inspirational Websites

Jordy Farrell

I chose this website because the design reminded me of my childhood and it was pleasing to the eye because there were no straight lines.

Brad Albright 

This website was my favorite because there was a lot of detail going on and the website was also laid out or designed like a newspaper which I enjoyed.

May-Linn Aaslie

I chose this website because the design and layout was very modern and simplistic to the eye.

Nadiya Kushnir

I chose this website because I liked how the artist used pictures or doodles as tabs and laid them in a circle instead of the usual rectangular tabs at the top.