The video by Dan Brackage showed slides with splashes of color maybe from ink
spillages or some other art form that I do not know about yet. When I watched the video for
the first time it made me feel stressed and anxious because the slides were moving so fast and I
could not observe each one with patience or admiration. But after watching the video for a
second time I observed that for the first five to ten seconds the video moved at a slow pace but
after the slides suddenly moved faster and stayed moving fast for the rest of the video.
Throughout the video I noticed that certain slides paused slightly maybe to define these slides
mattered more to the audience than the other slides of ink. The slides reminded me of visions
of galaxies and stars or also murals. I think the message Brackage is trying to send to his
audience is people should start to appreciate art around us because the world moves at a fast
pace without giving the chance for people to truly observe art for its true beauty.