When I reflect on the word design I mostly think of drawings or anything involving a writing utensil and paper. It was never brought to my attention a simple act of folding the palms lightly would bring humans to create a design called the vessel to make their lives a bit simpler. Or that designing could be forming a new government system or economy system. After reading the selection “What is Design” by Kenya Hara my thoughts and opinions have changed about the simple act of design and how designing can affect the human population.
The selection that stood out to me was how before the industrial revolution items such as chairs and tables were done by hand and never were made the exact same due to the fact they were hand made by humans. Imagining also how the industrial revolution caused for the people who did this for a living to lose their passion for design because machines were taking over their jobs for mass production.
What also astonished me was how technology has influenced design for people. Young people today don’t really think about the effects of technology on the human population because we have grown with technology and are not affected by it because we are comfortable with technology.
To conclude design has grown from being only to design with a limited about of hand made tools to being able to design with one tool know as the computer.