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Wrap-Up Advanced Type

What are you critical about yourself? Why do you think it is critical for you to be critical on yourself about this thing and what steps are you taking to remedy that criticism? I am critical about if I have… Continue Reading →

Mystery Project

I believe that this project is going to be about making a program brochure for the Fulbright Conference. I figured this out the moment I saw the schedule for the event. The pictures look like they belong to professors/people on… Continue Reading →

Mid-Term Assessment Essay

Currently, I am at about 100 hours. I am supposed to be at 100 hours by mid-semester in order to reach my goal of 280 hours for the semester. I think I could be putting in more hours toward my… Continue Reading →

Adv Type: Expert Hours Goal

just for this class how much a week = 10 hours what should be the mid-term total = 100 hours what should be the semester total = 280 hours   (your current grand total =  2 hour )

Weather Report

I am currently not enrolled in Advanced Typography.


I created a zine based around a truism I created based on my life– Mistakes are a source of satisfaction. This zine was created around the idea of mistakes being beneficial. I used images I cut out from magazines that… Continue Reading →


For this project, I created a user interface design that followed the guidelines set out by the Google material design website. I came up with a concept, drafted up a mock app using paper, and then created the user interface… Continue Reading →

Plotter Poster

I used rules created by a classmate to design type that looked a specific way. The rules were to create a Halloween themed word that had 5 spiky scallops on the top and three on the bottom. I decided to… Continue Reading →

Mapping Project: Cognitive Map (Decisions Decision)

For this assignment I created a decision map that helped people make the decision to start a business. I had to determine who my audience would be and do research on what people need to do first to start a… Continue Reading →

Mapping Project: Information Map (Visualizing Information)

For this project I used the financial information from Tony Lee’s expenses from about a year. I wanted to show where money went to the most and what months he spent the most money. I used a line graph because… Continue Reading →

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