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Mystery Project

I believe that this project is going to be about making a program brochure for the Fulbright Conference. I figured this out the moment I saw the schedule for the event. The pictures look like they belong to professors/people on… Continue Reading →

Mid-Term Assessment Essay

Currently, I am at about 100 hours. I am supposed to be at 100 hours by mid-semester in order to reach my goal of 280 hours for the semester. I think I could be putting in more hours toward my… Continue Reading →

Adv Type: Expert Hours Goal

just for this class how much a week = 10 hours what should be the mid-term total = 100 hours what should be the semester total = 280 hours   (your current grand total =  2 hour )

Weather Report

I am currently not enrolled in Advanced Typography.


I created a zine based around a truism I created based on my life– Mistakes are a source of satisfaction. This zine was created around the idea of mistakes being beneficial. I used images I cut out from magazines that… Continue Reading →


For this project, I created a user interface design that followed the guidelines set out by the Google material design website. I came up with a concept, drafted up a mock app using paper, and then created the user interface… Continue Reading →

Plotter Poster

I used rules created by a classmate to design type that looked a specific way. The rules were to create a Halloween themed word that had 5 spiky scallops on the top and three on the bottom. I decided to… Continue Reading →

Mapping Project: Cognitive Map (Decisions Decision)

For this assignment I created a decision map that helped people make the decision to start a business. I had to determine who my audience would be and do research on what people need to do first to start a… Continue Reading →

Mapping Project: Information Map (Visualizing Information)

For this project I used the financial information from Tony Lee’s expenses from about a year. I wanted to show where money went to the most and what months he spent the most money. I used a line graph because… Continue Reading →

Mapping Project: Artifact Map (Personal Geography)

For this project, I created a geographical map that showed some of the popular places in South Austin. I used colors that are more natural like the browns and yellows. I could of improved the iconic pins, with the symbols,… Continue Reading →

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