General Resources

Philosophy and Ethics are highly specialized fields.  Should you seek outside sources, you should consult only philosophical resources. For example, if you encounter an unfamiliar term, you should look it up in a philosophical dictionary rather than a standard dictionary.  Some online sources which are available are:
* Ethics Sites:
* The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy Online,
* The Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy,
*The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy,
*Ethics Updates,

In addition, you will find many philosophical dictionaries, companions, and encyclopedias in the library or for purchase, for example:
* The Cambridge Dictionary of Philosophy / edited by Robert Audi
* The Oxford Dictionary of Philosophy / Simon Blackburn
* The Oxford Companion to Philosophy / edited by Ted Honderich
* The Blackwell Guide to Ethical Theory / edited by Hugh Lafollette
* Encyclopedia of Philosophy / Donald M. Borchert, editor in chief.