My Road

To venture to the outside world is to explore and grow. Where there are new experiences around every corner. With an overwhelming amount of newness, I am socially shut down. Trapped. My humble dorm has been likened to a dark dungeon. An analogy that leads to a great divide. But in my yellow wood the path less taken is made so on purpose.

I was/still am a sheltered child, the result of polarizing parenthood.  With few legitimate experiences of my own, the world that I have recently been thrust into is seen through a vintage lens. I have nothing more than the fabricated world my parents gave me to compare to.

I am wading through enormous amounts of information. All while struggling to take it all in. Every angle. I, for the first time, can form my own opinions. Ones that aren’t over shadowed, dictated, by my family. I’m finding it hard to stand, stand on my own, stand for a cause, to stand out.

All I know for certain is that my perfect/near perfect grades do not make up for the social experience that I am missing. In my mind’s eye, I see an exciting world full of inexhaustible opportunities but with a closer look, I see me. At my desk, headphones in, experiencing the world through a digital window. I have taken the road less traveled. I road without friends. pure academia.

An Anemic’s Survival

I’m going on day 10 of my college experience. With the decision to forgo taking iron supplements¬†in hopes of fixing my diet. I don’t know if it’s the lack of iron or if it truly is freezing in my dorm and hall, but I am regretting not bringing any winter clothes or sufficient bedding. The hunt for a thermostat continues, a change has to be made in the subarctic climate I currently live in. Preparations are being made for an early journey home. I have to stock up on warm foods and clothing ASAP.


FARM to Farm

In the past week I attended a camp, essentially promoting the need to be involved with research. Whether it’s for the benefit of the scientific community or for my own success. Throughout the whole experience, I couldn’t help but think about the experiment I participated in over the past few years. For many summers in a row, I was the right-hand man in my uncle’s experiment with microbe’s and their effect on crops. The Goal was to make a “living” dirt compound to enhance growing conditions. We practically started with a blank slate, using an all rock ground. covering it in a dirt then spraying it with a molasses/microbe mixture. I wonder if I can bring this experiment to college, refine it and take it back to the farm to implement.