TLTR Agenda for Tuesday, January 26 at 2 pm

  1. Greetings
  2. Announcements
    1. Multi-Factor Authentication required to access Banner Admin & BDM as of 4/24/21 (Workplace Announcement)
    2. Process for Backing up Zoom Cloud Recordings to Panopto
  3. Subcommittee Updates on any activities since November meeting (Optional)
    1. Burnout
    2. Digital Equity
    3. Online Learning
    4. Support & Communication
  4. Pilots in Process
    1. Graphics Tablets
    2. Faculty Teaching Circle Pilot with Edthena (Fletcher)
  5. Discussions
    1. Models for Stage 3 Instruction (Summer 2021 for Grad, Fall 2021 for Undergrad)
    2. Input on CTE & Instructional Technology Faculty Development Programming for Spring
    3. Question from Faculty Senate: What to do with the former HDE seat on TLTR?

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