Blog Post #5

Part 1

Michelle the art major– I found Michelle’s talk on Friday to be very informative and interesting. Her pieces of art were not my style but I do admire how much work she puts into all of her pieces. I also found it informing when she talked about how we could get teaching jobs at the place she works at. Overall, she did a great job presenting her work.

Hana the graphic design major– While listening to Hana speak, it made me realize that I do not want to be a graphic design major. I really admired her work and all the work graphic designers do, but I do not think this field is for me. I found her leaf font work to be very cool and inspiring but that is definitely something I wouldn’t enjoy.

Alexis the interactive game studies major– Alexis’ talk was very blunt and to the point. She didn’t really sugarcoat things when it came to her major. She told us that it’s not an easy major and that it will take a lot of work and with all that work, it is still hard to find a job because you are competing against people from all over the world. It was great to include that because that can ultimately change a student’s mind when choosing a major. As for her work, I thought it was cool that she can design her own games. That kind of work seems way too complicated for me.

Clara the Photography major– Clara’s talk had the biggest impact on me while listening to her. Her work made me realize that I would like to be a photography major. I have always had an interest in photography but after seeing her beautiful pictures, it made me sure that I wanted to major in that field. Everything she talked about urged me even more to be a photography major. Overall, her work was phenomenal and her talk was great.


Part 2

Leanne Surfleet-

After browsing the web, I stumbled upon a film photographer named Leanne Surfleet. I chose her website because I love the style she uses with the film. The vintage look of her pictures is very compelling to me.

Andrew S Gray-

I chose Andrew S Gray’s website because I find the abstract in his work very compelling. His use of color is phenomenal and very pleasing to me.

Alexey Titarenko-

This photographers portfolio is an amazing display of black and white photography and the main reason why I chose this website. I believe that black and white pictures are fascinating and are a great form of photography.


Unlike the other websites I chose, this website is a street artist’s portfolio instead of a photographer. I chose the website because I find his message behind his work very meaningful and powerful. His paintings are also very beautiful and captivating.

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