Western Powers


Western Powers Info Sheet

Who: The United States and Canada


  • Liberal countries composed of free market, liberal ideologies
  • Relations between Syria and the United States are officially non-existent. Relations were severed in 2012 due to the Syrian Civil War.
  • The U.S. government has imposed a series of economic sanctions on Syria, such as:
    • Export sanctions.
    • Ineligibility to receive most forms of U.S. aid
    • Unable to purchase U.S. military equipment.
  • Canada has cut ties with the Syrian government.  However, last October, Canada’s Prime Minister elect Justin Trudeau informed President Obama Canada’s intention to remain a coalition partner, but will stop strikes.


  • Promote democracy abroad.
  • Suppress and defeat Assad’s regime.
  • Protect the Syrian people from human right violations.


  • The United Nations
  • The European Union
  • Syrian National Coalition
  • Syrian People
  • Other groups that support the Syrian rebels such as Turkey and the Gulf Arab States

Political Association:

  • Liberal
  • The United States is a permanent member of the Security Council
  • Along with 26 other members, Canada and the United States are both members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).
    • Article 5 of the treaty requires member states to come to the aid of any member state subject to an armed attack.
    • Article 4 merely invokes consultation among NATO members.


  • United States
    • Commitments to take in refugees have been limited
    • Has been hesitant to send troops after recent terrorists attacks
    • Russia blames the US for interfering with Syrian sovereignty
  • Canada
    • Prime Minister has been criticized within its own country for plan to intake a high number of refugees.
    • Has been criticized for only accepting whole families, lone women, or children.