Russia Info Sheet



  • Vladimir Putin
    • President of Russia 2000-2008, 2012 – , and Prime Minister 2008-2012
    • Member of the United Russia (Russian conservatism) and All-Russia People’s Front (conservative and statist) party
  • Permanent member of the UN Security Council


  • Strategic concern to assert/maintain Russian power
    • Involved in several Eastern European conflicts, particularly the Ukrainian Crisis (2014 – ) and have growing presence in region
  • Establishment of port at Tartus and airfield in Latakia, Syria
    • Gives Russia access to the Mediterranean


  • Peace talks for the future of Syrian, work with Assad
    • Provide diplomatic and military advisement to Assad’s regime
  • Suppress and defeat rebel agitations
  • Protect economic investments in the region
    • Weapon sales and territory
  • Block American influence in the region
  • Protect one of few foreign allies


  • Syria
  • Iran
  • Hezbollah

Political Associations:

  • Long-time ally of Syria’s socialist Baath regime since the 1950s
    • Financially and militarily supportive
  • Treaty of Friendship and Cooperation between Soviet Union and the Syrian Arab Republic, 1980


  • Supporting an authoritarian regime
    • Lack of acknowledgement of Assad’s human rights violations
  • Domestic and international criticism of human rights violations within Russia
  • Blocking UN action critical of Assad along with China