Rebel Group – Free Syrian Army

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  • Defectors from the Syrian Army and civilian militias (Moderate in comparison to other Syrian Rebel Groups—Seeking a secular democracy)
  • Multiple brigades/factions affiliated with the Supreme Military Council (SMC)
  • Loose command structure due to these multiple brigades/factions
  • 2011: 15,000-200,000 members in the FSA
  • 2015: Approximately 70,000 members in the FSA



  • A civilian-military council that originated in Turkey during August of 2011
  • These brigades/factions fight on the five “fronts” of Syria:



  • To overthrow President Assad
  • Create a new Islamic state
  • Different brigades have divided priorities including: Community support, unifying certain brigades within the FSA, calling for an Islamic state governed by civilians, and to create a more civil state that includes all ethnicities and social identities.


  • United States (Non-lethal and Lethal support)
  • EU
  • Saudi Arabia (Financial)
  • Turkey (Financial)
  • Qatar (Financial)
  • Supported by Sunni population

Political Associations:

  • National Coalition for Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces
  • Syrian National Council
  • Support of 130 Nations total


  • Accused of war crimes
  • Command structure is so loose making the FSA less effective then it could be
  • Some brigades/factions of the FSA are extremists
  • Many weapons given to ISIL(ISIS) came from the FSA
  • Opposition against the FSA, particularly Russia and Iran, believe the FSA is causing unnecessary bloodshed and could potentially be linked to extremist rebel groups causing terrorism.

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