Blog #5

Part 1

Each of the upperclassmen that have presented had their power-points to be well-informed. My only criticism, if any, has to go to the upperclassmen who was talking to us about her IGST experience and what she had learned. She mentioned a great deal on how competitive it can be but never went out of her way to tell us the high rewards for such a high risk field. What more is that she doesn’t go into detail as to what programs she had used and just briefly says “I used a type of editing software” and then left it at that moving on to her next slide.

Part 2

The four websites I find compelling would be


I find this website compelling mainly because I find myself spending a lot of time here. There is almost always going to be a video that could somewhat give an answer to question I would have despite also having the option to go to google to ask instead.


This is especially compelling because of all of the cool artwork that is made. A detailed drawn out battle in a video game or a fan creation of an environment in a fictional world always makes want to go back to the website to see more.


Despite it being an app there is also a website that basically serves the same function as the app. It is addicting to be on with all kinds of laughing material let it be skits, stand-up comedy, fails, or something funny that happened naturally.



I always found myself here during middle school or high school when I have a class in a computer lab and find myself with spare time after completing an assignment. Even when I don’t even have to go on this website I still go to it to play games like Papa’s Hot Doggeria.


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