Blog Post #4

Part 1

What was the goal of the assignment? Or what was the question posed by this assignment?

The goal for both of these assignments was to make questions that tested if the student understands the teachings and readings.

How did you go about reaching this goal or answering this question?

To complete this assignment the best way possible, I had to ask questions that didn’t give off the feeling that the student is playing a trivia. I asked questions that had to be answered with full sentences.

Part 2

What is the strongest aspect of this work?

The questions really make the student or whoever is taking the quiz think about the answer. Since it cannot be answered with just one word.

What is the weakest aspect?

The questions may seem a little broad and exaggerated. The one taking the quiz would probably get confused about what the quiz is asking them.

How can the project be strengthened conceptually?

Provide examples along with the quiz’s questions.

How can the project be strengthened technically?

By using words that are not making the question more broad the it should be.

Additional notes.

I still think I did good in making the questions nonetheless.


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