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The artist I have decided to do contemporary research on is M.C. Escher. Being first introduced to his work in my first year in high school was definitely a delight. What I liked so much about his work is how chaotic his drawings are. They don’t make sense and would break all the laws of reality if they were to come to life. The amount of time I would spend looking at them and trying to make sense of the illustrations and the desire to see more of his works is something I never thought I would do.

 M.C. Escher


Waterfall is really something that has a lot going on within along with some questions such as why something you would see in the ocean be planted on land as we see in the bottom left hand side. The way the waterfall is working and how the architecture is laid out really made me scratch my head and do so many double takes to be sure I knew what I was looking at.

 M.C. Escher


“Wait, what?” is a good way to describe how I felt looking at this. I’ve seen something like this in movies and cartoons but I never thought about where it all came or started from. Again this is something I like because it makes me wonder which way is the right way and which way makes sense and of course the obvious question, “how are they not falling?”


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