200 Pictures

I chose this picture as one of my favorites because of how nice it turned out. The positioning is a major plus since both the skinny rolled up paper and a piece of the bigger item is in view.

Point of interest is easy to see which made me chose this as my top 10. The shadow is a major plus to me.

Looks like an aftermath of a major battle.

I like the lighting in this one. That has to be the only reason I chose this as my top 10. It could also be the fact that this is one of the few pictures I took that have lighting and not a look of darkness in it.

The contrast with the light and dark is what sold me.

I chose this as a part of my top 10 because of how the picture looks like something you would expect to see on the bottom of the ocean floor.

This looks like it is a picture with a person in it. I could see what appears to be an ear on the head.

For me, I could imagine this looking like some sort of evil gathering of some sort. Like the paper sticking up could be members of an occult or something and the lighting gives off a sinister feel.

I like this one because it includes a little bit of everything in it. Crumpled, straight, folded, and curved.

This one I really like because to me, it looks like a big creature with legs moving toward the right.

rest of the pictures can be found here : https://stedwards.app.box.com/files/0/f/23726757350


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