Reading #2

1. Based upon the reading how are priorities set for specific projects? Or in other words, what is it that determines the guidelines for given projects?

How the readings word it, some of the guidelines for these projects are determined by what it is they are trying to accomplish. In Nacking’s interview, the interviewee wanted to show what art is capable of. To help them do that, they stated how they want to make their art socially relevant and make it seem relevant to either one person or a whole group and more.

2. How does the artist/ designer approach decision making differently or do they?

They seem to approach decisions the same way. Nacking’s interview and the readng about Paton and the history behind his chairs seem to say that they had a goal in mind and they went with the first thing they had on mind to make it work. Superflex went all in saying they are willing to accept the consequenses and they did fine. For Paton it would seem that his idea for the chair only had one phase and noother alternatives and he knew what it was he was going for.

Personal Reflection

1. How do you make decisions? Are they based upon anything substantial? Why or why not?

I make my decisions based on what I think is better suited for the situation so yes, they would be based on things that are substantial because I would want the end game of the decisions to be the ones that make the whole thing work.

2. How do you know when something is “good” or working?

I know when something is “good” or working when everything I have done mixes or goes well together. So long as the entire thing is on topic I know if it is working.

3. How do you rework projects to make them work?

Usually by trying to approach the project from a different angle. I could re arrange where things should or should not be and I would place them in a more fitting area or I could change one section that isn’t working all together.


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