Assignment 4: Step B Blog Reflection

After sharing the results each team members have received from the interviews we performed individually, we did not only get our work in on time, we noticed a common theme, besides crime. Almost all of the responses we have received could have sounded like they came from the exact same person. For the brainstorming we still don’t have an exact idea as to what it is we want to do but I do want to suggest that we do a poster presentation. it sounds plain I know, but there are other things I would want to place on the poster like the questions and answers each of the interviewees gave to them. The poster would also include a summary of what we are doing and all of the necessary information will be included to educate anyone who reads the poster. If my group says no to the idea of a poster presentation, then I will listen to their ideas since I can’t do everything. While we were reflecting I did notice the similar answers we were all given and it made me wonder if anyone else who was working on the same topic s we are or anyone who is working on a different topic had the same incident.


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  1. I’m sure I will learn a lot from your group’s presentation–can’t wait!

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