Dr. Kennedy’s Lecture

On October 3 we were given a lecture on photography by Dr. Kennedy and I must say that it was an absolute honor to have him. His pictures were extraordinary and unique especially with how they are designed. It was funny to hear him say that he would drink about one bottle of beer and from there he would be in the process figuring out of how to do his pictures. Of all the things I could imagine to be a “wicked problem,” photography, for me, would not be at the very top of the list but for Dr. Kennedy it is and I like his reasoning for it. Thinking about it now, it would make sense that photographs would be on the list since one of the many ways we find out about “wicked problems” would be through pictures. If you were to do a report on a “wicked problem” it would not be as effective unless they had pictures to boost the effect and have them play as “back up evidence” to the other information displayed through charts and graphs. One┬áthing that surprised me about his lecture was how passionate about his work and how he is entirely convinced that photography is a wicked problem.Not saying that I disagree to him but as to how firm he is on his stance on the topic.


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  1. I’m so glad to hear that you enjoyed Dr. Kennedy’s lecture! He is a great professor and has so much to give.

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