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Blog Post #11

Part 1: Based on the notes you took during class, write a brief description and response to each of the Faculty presentations.

Mr. Bryant

Mr. Bryant’s presentation gave us an insight to who he is and what he loves or lives for. His adoration for pinball machines and his work with many experienced people in his field really showed how experienced he himself is.

Ms. Robinson

Ms. Robinson loves art. She teaches art and she does art. By the way she presented, she holds her daughters and art very close to her. Not much more can be said.

Part 2: Reflection on this semester and course. Feel free to write any and all comments here. We want and appreciate your feedback (both positive and critical).

This course was alright. I can somewhat see why people would be required to take this class. The teachers don’t appear to have a negative side. I can’t really think of any “negative” feedback except for almost doing nothing in this seminar unless it is blog posts but other than that I have nothing else to say.


Blog Post #10

Part 1

In our last session we had two developers for a game called Wildermyth. One of the presenters is the programmer for the game and the other is the game’s artist. Throughout their presentation there were a few things that reached out to me in regards to making games. When making a game with your team you must be sure that all teammates have the same goal for creating it. You can have everything you need but you all need to be working towards the same goal.

Part 2

One question I want to ask our next group of presenters is, “What made them want to do what they do?”


Blog Post #9

Part 1

There was only one alumni student I was interested in and that person was Alejandro Ura. Seeing that I am an IGST major it would make sense for me to find interest in him since he is in a field I want to pursue especially  with him saying how it is okay for us to be new at something. Anthony M. Zubia and Edith Valle were kind of interesting in their own right seeing how they are doing well in their fields but i guess my responses to their presentations would be how informative they are. I can imagine how helpful they would be for those who want to walk down the same path.

Part 2

For potential internships I have found





Blog Post #8

Part 1

For all that have presented to the class I can say how interesting and how I was on the edge of my seat waiting to see what the next slide was going to be. My personal favorite was Jonathan, I believe was his name, and the pictures he took. For me they made no sense which only made it more enjoyable to see. His work was very creative in my eyes.

Part 2

My five year degree plan goes as follows.
The First Year had already passes but my plan was to make sure that I had the right major in mind.
Second Year plan is to have most of my classes be related to my major. Last year was mainly general education.
Third Year plan is to have a course schedule that is mixture of both general ed. and major related courses.
Fourth Year is mostly likely going to be a repeat of what I’ve done in the third year or second year but maybe more major focused.
For the fifth year after I have left college I plan on getting a job in game development or animation. With the classes I intend to take all the way up to my senior year I should be able to find some footing for myself. I could start with getting an internship first to gain experience before I look for a paying job.


Blog #5

Part 1

Each of the upperclassmen that have presented had their power-points to be well-informed. My only criticism, if any, has to go to the upperclassmen who was talking to us about her IGST experience and what she had learned. She mentioned a great deal on how competitive it can be but never went out of her way to tell us the high rewards for such a high risk field. What more is that she doesn’t go into detail as to what programs she had used and just briefly says “I used a type of editing software” and then left it at that moving on to her next slide.

Part 2

The four websites I find compelling would be


I find this website compelling mainly because I find myself spending a lot of time here. There is almost always going to be a video that could somewhat give an answer to question I would have despite also having the option to go to google to ask instead.


This is especially compelling because of all of the cool artwork that is made. A detailed drawn out battle in a video game or a fan creation of an environment in a fictional world always makes want to go back to the website to see more.


Despite it being an app there is also a website that basically serves the same function as the app. It is addicting to be on with all kinds of laughing material let it be skits, stand-up comedy, fails, or something funny that happened naturally.



I always found myself here during middle school or high school when I have a class in a computer lab and find myself with spare time after completing an assignment. Even when I don’t even have to go on this website I still go to it to play games like Papa’s Hot Doggeria.


Blog Post #7

  1. My four year degree plan goes as follows.
    The First Year had already passes but my plan was to make sure that I had the right major in mind.
    Second Year plan is to have most of my classes be related to my major. Last year was mainly general education.
    Third Year plan is to have a course schedule that is mixture of both general ed. and major related courses.
    Fourth Year is mostly likely going to be a repeat of what I’ve done in the third year or second year.
    Well seeing that my major is IGST, I plan on getting a career in game development. If by chance that that doesn’t work out then my backup plan is to work in the animation field.
  2. I do not have a minor nor nor have I ever considered a second major.
    If I were to get a second major or a minor, then I would consider Computer Science. I would chose that because I’ve always had an interest in coding and thought how it would be useful in things like game development.

Blog Post #6

My greatest strengths in World Building include: good comprehension when discussing the fictional world and how they work and making the connections from different stories in the same genre and then telling how they come together and/or separate themselves.

For greater success in this course, I need to stop thinking as a consumer and think more like the producer.

Computer Skills

My computer skills include Python and Java programming, a little bit of programming for flash games, and changing the picture for the computer’s home screen.

I still need to learn the more advanced ways of programming.

Research and Writing Skills

My greatest strengths as a researcher/writer include: Knowing enough about the topic to know what to search and write about.

I need to work on these aspects of research and writing: I need to work on finding any other angles to look at for the topic and try and refrain from acting like I am telling a story than doing a paper where I am supposed to draw my own conclusions.

I learn best & accomplish most when: I have more examples to go off of so I’ll know what I should be aiming for when creating the final work.

Action Plan

One class I can think of 10 ways of improving on is: Presentational Speaking

  1. Practice more on speaking in front of crowds.
  2. Memorize speeches so I won’t have to keep staring at notes.
  3. Try not to look too serious when speaking.
  4. Complete speeches sooner to memorize them more.
  5. Study my notes more.
  6. Know all things I should consider mentioning such as counter arguments in speeches.
  7. Give more descriptive feedback to peer’s speeches.
  8. Find better ways to find sources or evidence for presentations.
  9. Prepare for quizzes in a better fashion.
  10. Try and incorporate more pathos with my logos approach a little more.

Blog Post #4

Part 1

What was the goal of the assignment? Or what was the question posed by this assignment?

The goal for both of these assignments was to make questions that tested if the student understands the teachings and readings.

How did you go about reaching this goal or answering this question?

To complete this assignment the best way possible, I had to ask questions that didn’t give off the feeling that the student is playing a trivia. I asked questions that had to be answered with full sentences.

Part 2

What is the strongest aspect of this work?

The questions really make the student or whoever is taking the quiz think about the answer. Since it cannot be answered with just one word.

What is the weakest aspect?

The questions may seem a little broad and exaggerated. The one taking the quiz would probably get confused about what the quiz is asking them.

How can the project be strengthened conceptually?

Provide examples along with the quiz’s questions.

How can the project be strengthened technically?

By using words that are not making the question more broad the it should be.

Additional notes.

I still think I did good in making the questions nonetheless.


Blog Post #3

The artist I have decided to do contemporary research on is M.C. Escher. Being first introduced to his work in my first year in high school was definitely a delight. What I liked so much about his work is how chaotic his drawings are. They don’t make sense and would break all the laws of reality if they were to come to life. The amount of time I would spend looking at them and trying to make sense of the illustrations and the desire to see more of his works is something I never thought I would do.

 M.C. Escher


Waterfall is really something that has a lot going on within along with some questions such as why something you would see in the ocean be planted on land as we see in the bottom left hand side. The way the waterfall is working and how the architecture is laid out really made me scratch my head and do so many double takes to be sure I knew what I was looking at.

 M.C. Escher


“Wait, what?” is a good way to describe how I felt looking at this. I’ve seen something like this in movies and cartoons but I never thought about where it all came or started from. Again this is something I like because it makes me wonder which way is the right way and which way makes sense and of course the obvious question, “how are they not falling?”


Blog Post #2

Part 1

Time Tracker_egomez10-29k9om8

Something I definitely noticed about this is that I very often find myself doing very weird things. Yes I get my work done but I also find that I spend a lot of time playing video games and watching videos and not a lot of me actually interacting with people face to face.

Part 2

This is one of the things I did way before I started college. I liked doing origami because I liked the idea of creating something simply from paper. I would make paper claws, stars, scorpions, cranes, and the Batman logo.

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