I had a lot of fun with this project. I’m really glad that the guidelines changed from being a certain amount of cuts to a minimum time for work, because it allowed me to worry less about making sure I had enough, and allowed me to focus more on the content. The one with the blue is the first one I did, and I tried to focus more on lines and shapes. I spent about 5 hours working on this one. I had something very specific in my mind that I wanted to make, but I couldn’t find the right pictures to make it, so I ended up going¬† completely different route than I wanted to. I layered a few pictures in the background to create the texture and give the colors I wanted, then I layered the lines and shapes. I don’t like the color of the lines a whole lot, but no matter what I tried, I couldn’t find something that worked right, so I decided to move on to something else. The second and third collages I spent about an hour on, and I really like them. I used close-up pictures of fruit and vegetables, and cut them into organic shapes to create a flower shape. I layered them and put some lines in the background to ground it some. Even though they are almost completely the same, I included them both because I liked how making such a small change can really change the look of the final product. The last collage I spent about an hour on, and I combined a bunch of buildings together to create this weird shape.¬† I liked that all the colors were subdued earthtones and there was continuity in the brick patterns, but overall it seems lopsided and I’m not sure why.