Mid-Term Assessment Essay


I think I have met my goal. I spent a lot of time outside of class on my weather project. I feel like I could have spent more time and gotten more out of it. There are always things that could be better.


My definition hasn’t really changed. I think the fonts I used work well as well as the blue and yellow to show weather. I also added sound which helps make the weather report feel more real.


I have learned more about how type and images talk to each other and how you can use this to change the meaning of the point you’re trying to get across.


I think learning more about After Effects would be good. It seems like there is an infinite amount of tools and they are hard to find sometimes. I would also like to learn more about what type faces


I’m taking a printmaking class and the first print I did turned out pretty good. I’m also going to compare my mark project from graphic design II. I would rank this project at the top of the list. I learned a lot and I think it has helped me with my designers eye. The print I did would be second best because I worked hard on it and now know more about composition of images. I would rate the mark as last because I am still having trouble connecting images with meaning and I’m not sure where I’ll end up with it.


65% me

15% classmates

20% Tuan

I had to rely on myself for most things. Working outside of class, I couldn’t ask anyone for help so I had to search and experiment. You and my classmates gave me feedback on what I could fix, but for the most part I just had to do things on my own.


Weather Report

This project’s purpose was to create a weather report featuring four cities using different type hierarchy to emphasize different meanings. The report would be used in a futuristic society where travel takes less than a minute so the visuals potentially needed to match this description. I chose blues and yellow in order to put a more futuristic spin on my project as well as to reference the blue of rain and yellow of the sun. I chose to incorporate moving icons so that the design came to life rather than just transitioned flatly. Each weather screen used hierarchy to organize the weather in different ways. The first screen was organized by place, the second by time, and the third by type of weather. I used soothing music and sounds to enhance the early morning feeling when many people check the weather.


Visual Identity: Mark

This project was created to provide a logo design for an outdoor staple of Austin. I chose to work on creating a brand for the boardwalk, a  relatively new feature of the Anne and Roy Hike and Bike Trail. My view of the boardwalk is that it is a man-made path but it intertwines and meshes with the natural parts of the trail. I decided that my mark would be geometric in form and organic in background. I began experimenting with triangular shapes, trying to find interesting icons that depicted the boardwalk. I also experimented with different watercolor techniques to represent the natural side of the place. Finally I found an icon and watercolor pattern that I was happy with and put them together. I chose to use blue and yellow as a representation of the water and concrete.


Process work: Map

This project’s purpose was to investigate an area of the city in order to create an identity for it. I chose to work with the Boardwalk which is a continuation of the Ann and Roy Butler Hike and Bike Trail. There were a few ways we could investigate, one including the creation of a map that features something no existing maps feature. The map I created features roads, the boardwalk, river, and common findings along the trail. When I visited the boardwalk in person I noticed there were a lot of chairs and sitting areas located up and down the path as well as kayak rental shops. Realizing no other maps had these points and it might be a good idea to let people know about these interesting features. I used an easy to read font and used minimal images to keep the map from being busy and allowing emphasis to be put on the key features of the boardwalk.


Interface Lesson

This purpose of this project was to design a mockup portfolio app that would feature our work. We had to learn about app layout and use. I decided to use pink and purple to represent my work. I worked with an android layout because that’s what I am used to and I know what it is supposed to look like. I used the scrollable home page to showcase specific works and then the menu to dive deeper into other works. Each page had a drop-down description and tab at the top of the screen with the app name.


Plotter Lesson

This project was used to learn how to use the plotting machine while also learning about iteration. I chose to use different oxymoronic phrases and to blend each word together. I chose to do this because the individual words in the phrase are opposites but when they come together, they create a new idea. After choosing and designing 16 different oxymoron images, I used a metallic paint pen to plot the designs on black paper. The metallic on black provided contrast much like the contrast in each phrase.


Zine – Truism

The assignment was to design a six page zine using chromatic type and based off a truism that I wrote. The truism that I came up with that I live my life by is, “love the struggle and learn from it”. I took pictures of the shower tile in my bathroom and converted it into an interesting image that would surround and enhance my type and color choices. I decided to use bright pink and yellow to show off my positive attitude towards life. The elegant font is also a way to reference the truism. In life, I am discovering that in order to succeed, you must fail, but you must also be graceful and learn from that failure.


Style Lesson

This project’s purpose was to take two existing clothing styles and fuse them together to create a new one. My partner and I were interested in the similarities between a preppy style and a kawaii style from Japan. Both styles are cute and modest but execute this in very different ways. We decided to design a mori-girl kawaii outfit which puts emphasis on natural looks and flowing clothes. We used a knitted sweater over a white button down and long skirt for the mori-girl. Layers are a staple of this style. For the preppy clothing we chose a classic argyle sweater over khaki pants and boat shoes. For the mixture, we draped the prep sweater over the shoulders and knitted sweater over khakis.