Sophomore Portfolio Review

Starting as a graphic designer, I was very timid and unsure of my work. I didn’t know many design techniques and mostly just worked on instinct. I feel that my design skills have come a long way since then. Comparing the work I’m making now and work that I made just a year ago, I can clearly see a difference in quality. I am able to understand and implement typographic techniques such as hierarchy and spacing, which are things I previously hadn’t even thought about. I know more about color choice and how it affects the viewer’s perception and meaning in the work as a whole. I love color and try to use it as effectively as I can. In my zine I used colors that represent my personality and outlook on life. When approaching a project, I begin by finding out everything I can about what I’m trying to convey. I usually experiment with color and images in order to find out what will work for the content and what won’t. I feel that my strengths are in balance and cohesion. Occasionally I might not make the right conceptual choice, but the choices I do make go together quite well. And I usually have a good eye when it comes to visual weight, making it easier to balance all the elements in a design.


I have learned many things in these past two years, one of the most important being that design is more than just what looks pretty. It is about meaning and what will be the most useful way to convey that meaning. In my weather app, I focused on being soft and subdued. When on a trip, usually the first thing you do is check the weather, so I wanted the interaction to be soothing to someone who has just woken up. I chose blue and yellow to reference the rainy and sunny days in order to bring the app together more cohesively.
There are always going to be things I can improve on but one of my biggest problems right now is thinking more conceptually and outside the box. I find myself following the trends of established design rather than coming up with new ideas. I have trouble establishing meaning outside of what is apparent in an image or design, but I am working to better this skill and have begun integrating the idea of what I’m trying to express  into my work more.

I feel that my zine and weather report designs are some of the strongest I have created.


Weather Report