Exploration of The Rose

Bonjour mon cheris! Je m’appelle Sarah Rose et j’ai une étudiante à St. Edouard’s Université. J’adore mon campus et – okay, I’m just kidding. I can’t really speak French, I just wish I were more interesting. If I could introduce myself as one word, I’d say: perfect. But no one gave me any “one word” guildines and I can put whatever the hell I want on here so let me go a little more in depth.

I’m an artist, or at least that’s what I like to call myself, although I’m not very creative, rarely inspired and I procrastinate more than I should. I’m a self-lothing, walking form of the phrase, “comparison is the killer of confidence.” I fail to create passion pieces and unintentionally stick to just doing whatever I’m told to create (either for school or commissions). I forget to love art for its theraputic reasons and express myself like I should in order for me to remain healthily in love with the act. But I’m talented, so I still call myself an artist when I’m asked.

Although, if this were my twitter bio, I’d just say something unwitty like this:  I’m a scorpio who’s an extreme mug collector, a painfully introverted individual and an avid Donald Trump hater.

Here’s some random images that I think are very accurately representative of my personality: