Blog Post 11

I really liked all of the presentations, and that’s not just because it was a bunch of my favorite professors. I loved the way Alex presented her own twist of her take on the discussion, how instead of just flipping through images of her own artwork, she actually showed us images of the art she made on accident (lol) which influenced the way she creatively thinks now that she has kids. I also liked Joe’s preparation in the dialogue he scripted, it was extremely timely with the slide show and answered every question about his project that anyone could have asked. And while I’ve seen some of his images before, it was really interesteing to see them all played out together, I felt as though I literally watched one of the girls grow up. The way he spoke about his subjects and the purpose behind the way he portrays them was interesting and extremely thought provoking.

In regards to my feelings about the Visual Studies Seminar, I rather enjoyed it. That may be a shock when viewing my attendence records for the first several weeks, but I really did like the layout of the course. The only difficulty I found was caring enough about a one credit course to do work that was so easy. Not that I wasn’t offered any challenges, but the course load reall is not meant to be overwhelming and for the most part, it wasn’t, as long as I kept on top of my assignments. The introduction to so many art entrepreneurs and freelance creators, as well as newly graduated artists that still hadn’t found their calling, was extremely comforting and encouraging and I loved getting to see all the individually made art works of some cool locals and some amazing professors.