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Sapphire Rodriguez

Hello, I'm an avid consumer of the arts and video games that aspires to become a developer! My goal is to share my stories and art all over the World Wide Web so I can inspire at least one person in some regard. I'm a Virgo, my favorite food is chorizo con huevos, my favorite artist is undecided, but I'm a sucker for Frida Kahlo's works, and my favorite video games currently are Pokemon Alpha Sapphire, 9 Hours 9 Persons 9 Doors, and Yakuza 0. Wow this hasn't been updated in forever none of this is relevant anymore. (except chorizo. it never stops being the best)

Visual Studies Seminar Post #7: The Future


Part 1: 4-Year Degree Plan My four-year degree plan so far for college is to follow Interactive Game Studies as my major. I was able to skip most of my core classes due to excessive AP credit acquiring so being able to immerse myself into a work-intensive creative major feels like it would be the […]

Sequence Reflective Essay: Mulholland Drive


David Lynch’s Mulholland Drive starts with a foreboding atmosphere, dropping its audience straight into an unknown setting after a seemingly random dancing scene. Without explaining anything about the setting, the characters, the conflict, or any piece of information, the first cataclysmic event occurs. The emulation of the passage of time, or lack of a cohesive […]

Visual Studies Seminar Post #6: Skills Inventory & Action Plan


Part 1: Skills Inventory By Class (Excluding LLC seminar courses) Rhetoric & Composition My greatest strengths in Rhetoric & Composition include: Concise writing style and ability to analyze, compare, and contrast. For greater success in this course, I need to: Be more dedicated to the readings in class and avoid procrastinating on essays. My computer […]

Harmony Pt. 3- Hybrid (Photoshop)


For the final set of collages, I really wanted to focus on taking advantage of the tools Photoshop provides to mesh the edits together into one cohesive vision. Like all my others collages, I like to play with colors and saturation. I’ve always had a fascination with the aesthetics from the seventies and the eighties […]

Visual Studies Seminar Post #5: Upperclassmen Work and 4 Neat Websites


Part 1: Visual Studies Senior Presenters Last Friday, I noted on how informative and fascinating each presentation for the respective Visual Studies majors were. Graphic Design had a fascinating intro where the student accidentally discovered her dream major, a nice little reminder that great things can come from mistakes and an equally fascinating portfolio, showing […]

Harmony Pt. 2- Digital


These collages were significantly easier for me to create and compile, in my opinion. Not only was I allowed to use previous Gestalt photos to gather resources from, but I found new possibilities to work with via Photoshop. I have a fascination with color theory and utilizing complementary colors as well as expressing them through […]

Visual Studies Seminar Blog Post #4: Current Projects and Self-Critique


Part 1: Collage Work What was the goal of the assignment? Or what was the question posed by this assignment? This assignment asked me to find any kind of objects scattered throughout South Congress Street, collect them, then scan and cut up various pieces to create 2 collages. When creating the works, I was additionally […]

Harmony Pt. 1- Analogue


For the analogue collages, I really struggled to find proper items that would net me decent cuts, so the end result of this I feel is a testament to my ability to work with minimal resources and still succeed in the assignment. Admittedly, I wish my objects weren’t so small and that I could’ve found […]

Visual Studies Seminar Post #3: 9 Hours 9 Persons 9 Doors and Its Revolutionary Take on Visual Novels


When the worlds of literature and interactive gaming combine, they form the new and innovative method to traditional storytelling; the visual novel genre. Popularized by Japan, visual novels are video games that typically focuses on blocks of text, which create a narrative, for players to read and accompanying pictures of a setting, the characters within […]

Gestalt Pt. 3- Power Dynamics and Retreading Old Waters


For this set of pictures, I wanted to focus on taking pictures that made a more dynamic, exciting composition via angles. But, upon evaluating my shots more, I liked the way I could simulate a feeling of superiority and power through framing the image from worm’s-eye-view. Generally, a worm’s-eye-view perspective makes the viewer feel small […]

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