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Sapphire Rodriguez

Hello, I'm an avid consumer of the arts and video games that aspires to become a developer! My goal is to share my stories and art all over the World Wide Web so I can inspire at least one person in some regard. I'm a Virgo, my favorite food is chorizo con huevos, my favorite artist is undecided, but I'm a sucker for Frida Kahlo's works, and my favorite video games currently are Pokemon Alpha Sapphire, 9 Hours 9 Persons 9 Doors, and Yakuza 0.

Visual Studies Seminar Post #11: Final Reflection and Closing the Semester


Part 1: Faculty Presentations I think I’m pretty biased on this one because Mr. Bryant is actually my History of Games professor, so I do know more context regarding his career and his thoughts about the video game industry. I think he did an excellent job personalizing his experiences while also providing an insider’s look […]

Sequence Pt.5- Completed Edits


Included in this post are all the final pictures for the sequence book, with proper editing and cropping in InDesign. The pictures all have appropriate coloring and moods to match the sequence of young, dream-like states to a more grounded, familiar environment. All that would need to be done now are prints.

Sequence Pt.4- Demo Book


The first draft of my book includes both work in progress and finished background pieces and fully integrated fonts for page numbers to represent a change in age. This book making progress truly is very laborious, I understand the pain that plagues most other content creators when creating their works, now. The actual printing requires […]

Visual Studies Seminar Post #10- More Presenters All the Time!


Part 1: Wildermyth Developers The presenters for local game developing were a duo, a game artist and coder, presenting the development process and assets of their game in the making, Wildermyth. In their presentation, they specifically introduced their game to the audience, showed how the game’s aesthetics were created, showed both the problems and epiphanies […]

Sequence Pt.3- The Final Photos and Some Revelations


These are the final photos needed for the booklet project. I originally said I would focus on the sketches, but due to some time constraints regarding other classes, I had to focus on tasks that were more readily available for me to be able to work on, so I chose to knock out the rest […]

Visual Studies Seminar Post #9: More Alumni and Internships


Part 1: Alumni Presentations I personally found the presentations very inspirational! The speakers really did highlight how their personal experiences at St. Edward’s contributed to their successes in the working world. Mr. Ura’s work in SXSW was a shining light to me as an IGS major since it proved that the games business can be […]

Sequence Pt. 2- Photo Assets


For this week of the Sequence project I mainly focused on gathering as many of the photographic backgrounds and other assorted assets of the book I would need in Austin. There are some photos I will need to go back to my hometown to use properly in my book, which I will be doing next […]

Visual Studies Seminar Post #8: Alumni Presentations and Beyond College


Part 1: Staff Presentations Each of the staff presenters had some art or pieces of work to showcase, such as theater production, photographs, pencil media, multimedia artworks. I was enamored with the presentations as a whole, they truly did show that there was work and great talent coming from St. Edward’s education. I found myself […]

Sequence Pt. 1- Initial Sketches


Here are the initial sketches for the blank book. My plan for this is to create an auto-biography of sorts with juxtaposed hand-drawn figures on top of collaged or otherwise digitally edited backdrops, scenery complimented with poetry. The order of the narrative is chronological, with the title of each poem representing my respective age portrayed […]

Visual Studies Seminar Post #7: The Future


Part 1: 4-Year Degree Plan My four-year degree plan so far for college is to follow Interactive Game Studies as my major. I was able to skip most of my core classes due to excessive AP credit acquiring so being able to immerse myself into a work-intensive creative major feels like it would be the […]

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