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Campus Organization Aims for Warmth and Support With Immigrant Community


Previous officers and new students of campus organization, Monarchs on the Hilltop, met up on the final Tuesday of January to meet and greet under the mission statement of uniting immigrant, mixed race, or otherwise marginalized students of St. Edward’s. Monarchs on the Hilltop’s mission of making students from these walks of life feel at home is emblematic in the movements and activities laid out at the meeting, such as protesting the presence of Border Patrol and ICE on campus for job recruitment. This is a philosophy embraced by the organization and its president, Sussy Tellez Pantoja, senior at St. Ed’s and fellow Latina. Of the notable activities that the organization plans to take part in, Pantoja encouraged participation for direct relief towards the immigrant community, such as Legal Aid and Undocupeer Training- the financial backing of consultation fees for immigration cases and volunteer work to translate important documents such as wedding papers or green cards from English to Spanish respectively.

As discussion in the meeting continued, Pantoja provided the basis for her involvement in Monarchs; which stems from a personal feeling of duty to help others among the community, shared by other members of the organization. As fellow member, Heather Hawley, says, “… [we want to feel] inclusive, that everybody’s voices are going to be heard… That the university cares about us as people,” a sentiment echoed in the initial mission statement. The Monarchs began as a reaction “during the [2016] election” started by now graduates of the university: Joseph, José, and Carlos, (surnames not given), when seeing Mexican students on campus being harassed in lieu of Donald Trump’s anti-immigration campaign. Since then, the organization has gained followers and held various events for the benefit of the immigrant community on campus, including the Student Food Co-op and Monarch Library, providing much needed resources for those without enough funds. With the meet and greet’s goal to get feedback and advice, the organization feels hopeful regarding the future.


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