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"Curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back."

Sequence Pt.3- The Final Photos and Some Revelations


These are the final photos needed for the booklet project. I originally said I would focus on the sketches, but due to some time constraints regarding other classes, I had to focus on tasks that were more readily available for me to be able to work on, so I chose to knock out the rest of the scenery that would appear in the project. The weather really agreed with me, ironically, since the earlier stages in the book are more dream-like due to the nature of young adolescence feeling like a distant memory, something that feels fake but is presented as reality.

Additionally with this week I’ve made a final decision to cut the poems out of my project. It was an ambitious idea to be able to pull off effectively at my skill level with the other Adobe products and it would just clutter the page when the message gets across just fine enough as a textless picture book. Next week will hopefully be some drafts and final designs for the title page and some additional sketches of other characters.

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