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Visual Studies Seminar Post #9: More Alumni and Internships


Part 1: Alumni Presentations

I personally found the presentations very inspirational! The speakers really did highlight how their personal experiences at St. Edward’s contributed to their successes in the working world. Mr. Ura’s work in SXSW was a shining light to me as an IGS major since it proved that the games business can be both fulfilling and plausible, plus he was very charismatic. I got a recommendation from another professor to attend the convention and I remembered about it because of him so it had a lasting effect on my mind. Mr. Zubia’s art was appealing, I enjoyed the simplicity of the designs and the effective shading on the pieces. It’s both aesthetically pleasing and emotionally impactful. Ms. Valle’s work was the most breathtaking for me though- I was captivated by her anecdote and felt the passion in her work. Social justice is important to me, so is striving for detailed art, so her works resonated with me on both a personal and visual level.

Part 2: Internships

  1. Say Sí– Media Arts Studio Intern
    • http://saysi.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/SAY-Si%CC%81-MAS-Intern-2016.pdf
  2. Blizzard– Software Engineer Intern
    • https://careers.blizzard.com/en-us/openings/ome75fww
  3. SXSW– Digital Media Intern
    • https://www.themuse.com/jobs/sxsw/digital-media-intern-bd2056

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